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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Doing the deal

     If it ain't one thing, it's another. Right. A Great sentence to start a paragraph. Today, i've been in the process of re-inventing myself. Much like I do most every day. Unfortunately, it seems that having a desire to change, I end up with no new habits. Habits are tough things to begin as well as to break, just as much as resolutions are hard things to keep. Be it exercise, diet, prayer, meditation, preparing a meal or limiting the amout of coffee you drink in the morning. 

    Sometimes that is the best that can be done. Washing the car and doing the laundry also fits into this category. The best advice my father gave me was to stay busy.Now, he was not talking about distracting yourself. It seems that finding meaningful work or creating leisure habits to do can be a transforming experience, no matter how humble they may appear. The work may be voluntary, a paid service...a pain or a joy. This is our choice. Hobbies and avocations serve a purpose in this regard as well. Is it something that you want to do? If so, then your happiness becomes a function of participation. It can be a solitary or group endeavor.

    Art and Rock painting has always been somewhat of a spiritual practice for me. It calms my mind, and keeps me present in the moment. Other than this, it keeps me heading in the right direction. 

  People may say that I have put all my eggs ( in this case, rocks) in one basket. To that remark, I would have to say yes. Half measures have availed me nothing. I had this attitude when devoting myself to running marathons until I injured myself. Then,  when I was at work I would be running in place (figuratively speaking ) just to please people, which ultimately did not work.

    Whatever it was that was going to take a large portion of my time, meant that I was "All in". So far, my lot in life begins at the stage of acceptance of those things which I cannot change.

Remember...It takes courage to change. Welcome it.

Below is this week's "Rock of the week".

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