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Friday, May 11, 2018

This Week's Rock of the Week

Today, the rocks are now Thermogenic! Yes, They change colors when they go from cold to warm, like the old mood rings.It is exciting to include this new feature for the summer season. The color that was applied is a dark blue which turns to a sort of Robin's egg color when warm and ultimately clear when completely warm. It is a challenge to include as many features on one rock as possible. Phosphorescent paint, Florescent paint, UV reactive sparkle, Holograms, Invisible mandalas and now thermogenic paint. The possibilities are endless, and the fun of creating new designs are continually inspiring... Oh, by the way...Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

This Week's Rock of the Week

Okay, I admit that sometimes I miss a week or two, but I am generally very consistent with keeping this site updated. So this week's rock is a Mexican Pebble type of Rock that was purchased from a quarry, or should I say a landscaper...whatever. The hummingbird motif is one of my favorites. I use an interference acrylic paint to get a nice sheen on the wings. The clear coat also gives it a brilliant shine. The lines you see around the bird itself are done with invisible ink pens. When the rock is done, the last step is to apply these lines. Come by and visit me at the Farmer' Market.The hummingbird rock will be featured, along with an assortment of new designs.