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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

How to use your rock

     Everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of having a painted rock of their own. However, what to do with one after you take it home? The good news is that most everyone enjoys the novelty of a hand-painted gift rock. Especially one that glows in the dark! Whether you paint one yourself, purchase it, or find one that has been hidden. These rocks are a special keepsakes. 

    Rocks have even been found next to gravesites as a memorial to deceased friends, family members or pets. Aside from this, on a practical level they make excellent doorstops, paperweights and bookmarks. 

     They can serve as a reminder to purchase a can of tuna for the cat when left by the front door. A particularly hard rock can also be used as a hammer or grinder when used to crush corn inside a concave stone (a la the mortar and pestle).

     A brightly painted rock can be seen as a boundary point, or a significant address marker when driving down an unfamiliar road. Rocks delineate gardens and cover holes to keep out rodents. You can probably come up with a grand list of ways to use a rock.

    To me, rocks are also spiritual items. They are in effect, one of the most ancient physical forms found in nature. Yet no two rocks are really the same, much as humans are not either. By themselves they are merely consolidated matter. As a group they can form walls and fortify castles. They play an important parts in Science, History, Art and Culture.

   Native Americans and Australian aborigines will say that they are imbued with the Spirit of their ancestors, and serve as talismans to be carried as a form of reverence and protection. Monks have used stones as a focusing device in meditation. In this sense, it serves one by keeping it in the palm of your hand, while holding someone in your best thoughts and prayers.

Friday, March 3, 2023

What a winter!

  Indeed, with more storms coming, it is a blessing to have our water table rise to pre draught levels. The good news is that more posts have been forthcoming and more rocks are being painted to refurbish the supply for every rock sold. 2022 has been a year of gratitude in continuing doing what has been a joy for the past 13 years. Whatever weather has kept me inside the apartment studio has added to a discipline and practice that is like meditating, but not quite. Music or podcasts are sometimes playing in the background. However, attaining a little serenity while painting can be a plus.

 Collecting rocks at the beach has not been as frequent an endeavour as it is in the drier months. A creek that crosses the entrance to the beach has to be travailed by rolling one's pant legs up in hopes you don't slip which could mean big trouble. Especially if you have an iPhone in your pocket. Luckily, that hasn't been the case on my last excursion. Flat, round and smooth are the criterion for finding suitable rocks. Luck in this regard has not failed, and finding other such treasures as pieces of abalone shells for making keychains is always welcomed.

 Below are samples of the latest additions to the "Your Spirit Rocks! ™" collection. The first picture is of the creek you need to cross to get to the beach.



Tuesday, February 21, 2023

A Belated Valentines day

    Today is the 21st of February, so it is a week after Valentine's Day and a day after President's Day. I love it that we have these days that make the season of Winter more bearable. I did receive some well wishes from my loved ones, and am more hopeful for a brighter future for everyone in our attempts in following our own best advice in 2023. 

    As for myself, I've taken to things like eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, meditating and paying attention to my craft in such a way that I am not merely repeating old patterns. Returning to painting with a materials like glitter, crackle, resin, ink, and puff paint are usually very effective in  producing positive results. 

 It takes a long time to master the applications however, because they are viscous, gummy, cloggy, messy and expensive.The results rendered may be abstract and colorful, yet knowing when to back off before "Gilding the Lillie" takes place, and it then becomes a necessary challenge to achieve a desirable outcome.

Here's a quick video for all of you who find my rocks to be special gifts for that special someone. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pre-Valentine's Day

 As I write this, it is only February 8th. However, If I don't have some Valentine's rocks to sell by Saturday my patrons will be a little bummed after the Farmer's Markets this weekend. So far, I've come up with some standard heart rocks. On the back, I usually have another heart drawn in invisible ink which adds a nice touch under the keychain blacklight. These make special one-of-kind gifts to be passed on. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Trying different things...

Always.I ordered some Bolo clips and Lanyards on Amazon™ along with some glowing lanyard material, which has sent me off in another direction. Someone suggested it at the Saturday Market and I thought to give it a try. Reluctantly, I adhered a magnet to the back of the rock and found that it will hold tightly enough to  to make it interchangeable! 

 The Bolo looks cherry in this picture because it has been enhanced with the photo editor. It still is not far off the mark in real life.After making mushroom rocks, bottle stopper rocks,Spinner rocks, Pendants, Refrigerator magnet rocks, having this suggestion work out pleases me greatly. The other technique employed was the crackle finish just for that rustic look.

The other thing tried this week was making a cameo. The white becomes glow naturally and the results are pretty awesome. Up close it has a few flaws and the resin yellows a bit, but hey, let's call this one a work in progress.

The Birds in flight are doves moving past the clouds. The original is perhaps as obvious as the glow version, but more emphasis was on getting the glow version just right.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Pursuing leisure

     How to pursue leisure in a world obsessed with work and worry. Well, first of all, take it inside. I mean that both figuratively and literally. Pursuing leisure is an inside job. It requires reflection and focus, which to some may sound like work. Conversely, it seems that the whole concept of leisure is more about escape and relaxation than focus. Taking that into account, it really is the balance between these two ideas.

    Being inside on these "Covid-induced" rainy days affords some of us the time to work on projects that move us forward by curtailing the desire to rush off somewhere to meet a deadline. Projects that point to a need for fruitful self expression, rather than adhering to that constant impulse to please some nebulous dweeb that is always demanding to be right. This  may beg to question... Why work for that ? or more pointedly, why work at all?

    Granted, human beings are for the most part, socially responsible entities designed to be altruistic by nature. We don't need to be reprimanded for pursuing individuated activities that may in truth, render us more valuable to others in time.

    Laziness though, is a perpetual condition of procrastination. When someone proclaims,"All things in moderation" (even moderation) that is not a clarion call for anyone to stop trying to better oneself. It's like the notable difference between beckoning a call, rather than trying to beckon a call.  

    That being said, there is no need to wrap yourself in a blanket of guilt if it feels like you are playing hooky in order to get ahead. After all, we should not be championing the value of work for work's sake. It is important in this regard , to worker smarter rather than harder, and with poise rather than pointless effort.

The rock below is meant to illustrate this activity.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Swirly Rocks

 Hi there, welcome to a new year, a new direction, and a new chapter of Your Spirit Rocks ! the rocks below are an indication of a style that is fairly easy to apply, although the results can head off in a variety of directions. It just takes a little steadiness of hand when following lines around the rock to give it that pooling appearance. Applying a variety of colors will inform you as to what works, as far as patterns and contrasting effects are concerned. It is a fairly simple exercise that producing pleasing results.Larger rocks seem to work better that smaller rocks when trying it for the first time, and sketching the design with a pencil prior to applying the paint with a small brush will do the trick.Feel free to post any of your creations. We would like to see what works for you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Portfolio 2022

 Best Wishes to all this Holiday Season. The following is a slideshow of the many rocks that have been painted and sold in the past year or so.The slideshow is an import from YouTube™ and it is recommended to view it in full screen which is entirely possible when you click on the image itself and click on the full screen icon.

In the beginning is a brief introduction with some slide effects that were just fun to show when adhering to the use of symmetry as a background device. Then comes this "meditation guy"doing his thing. Aside from the rocks, included are some pendants, keychains, Cairns, bottle bells, and wind chimes. These are some of the directions the rock painting has taken me.Incidentally, if you have purchased a rock in the past year I thank you for you patronage, and hope to see you again in 2023.

Monday, December 19, 2022

The Bling or the Glow

 Sometimes I don't know. Which has more prominence ? These are considerations for every rock I paint. The bling usually includes glitter which I try to use sparingly. Yes, it is an embellishment. Glitter is bling, and what attracts attention during daylight.This bling factor can be an annoying though, if applied haphazardly.

The Glow paint on the other hand, can be difficult when applied unsparingly and against a color that don't offer much contrast. It is meant to be a surprise effect and a step in exploring other hidden features. Glowing puff paint can usually be appreciated only after it's been activated. Therefore, this feature has to have prominence in the dark. Invisible ink is used occasionally to showcase designs and figures that will only appear under a UV light.

A rock has three dimensions that are apparent. Hardened Puff paint on top of the rock will contribute this dimensionality. Adding de'coupage of a paper sample, or iridescent cutout may seem like mere decoration (which it is) but may still contribute to the overall gestalt of the piece.

Bobbles are something I may use to make a keychain, cairn, or pendant appear ornamental. These may have some foil reflection element glued to the back to make the bobble appear jewel like.

Below is are examples of that.