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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Pursuing leisure

     How to pursue leisure in a world obsessed with work and worry. Well, first of all, take it inside. I mean that both figuratively and literally. Pursuing leisure is an inside job. It requires reflection and focus, which to some may sound like work. Conversely, it seems that the whole concept of leisure is more about escape and relaxation than focus. Taking that into account, it really is the balance between these two ideas.

    Being inside on these "Covid-induced" rainy days affords some of us the time to work on projects that move us forward by curtailing the desire to rush off somewhere to meet a deadline. Projects that point to a need for fruitful self expression, rather than adhering to that constant impulse to please some nebulous dweeb that is always demanding to be right. This  may beg to question... Why work for that ? or more pointedly, why work at all?

    Granted, human beings are for the most part, socially responsible entities designed to be altruistic by nature. We don't need to be reprimanded for pursuing individuated activities that may in truth, render us more valuable to others in time.

    Laziness though, is a perpetual condition of procrastination. When someone proclaims,"All things in moderation" (even moderation) that is not a clarion call for anyone to stop trying to better oneself. It's like the notable difference between beckoning a call, rather than trying to beckon a call.  

    That being said, there is no need to wrap yourself in a blanket of guilt if it feels like you are playing hooky in order to get ahead. After all, we should not be championing the value of work for work's sake. It is important in this regard , to worker smarter rather than harder, and with poise rather than pointless effort.

The rock below is meant to illustrate this activity.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Swirly Rocks

 Hi there, welcome to a new year, a new direction, and a new chapter of Your Spirit Rocks ! the rocks below are an indication of a style that is fairly easy to apply, although the results can head off in a variety of directions. It just takes a little steadiness of hand when following lines around the rock to give it that pooling appearance. Applying a variety of colors will inform you as to what works, as far as patterns and contrasting effects are concerned. It is a fairly simple exercise that producing pleasing results.Larger rocks seem to work better that smaller rocks when trying it for the first time, and sketching the design with a pencil prior to applying the paint with a small brush will do the trick.Feel free to post any of your creations. We would like to see what works for you!