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Monday, November 29, 2021

Large Round 3-D Rock

 This rock has a lot going for it. I started working with the idea of creating 3-D rocks a while back. I think that this is my favorite rock to date. A lot of time was spent on it to really get the desired effect. The surface remained with a matt finish because it was meant to be indoors and without a resin gloss finish which normally would be used to make it waterproof.

This is what it looks like in regular light

This is the same rock under a UV light

When first completed

It was tricky finding a rock this round and smooth. The minute it was spotted, it became apparent that this rock was being called to a higher purpose. Now if only it was possible to find rocks like this every day. Yea, right.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Where is the Rock of the Week?

Somewhere. except for the fact that this blog hasn't been updated in quite a while and it doesn't serve anyone to blab on about anything. What happened to the "Rock of the week?" Well, it's still around, but chances are that you've already seen it and it is just being posted again ( sheepish smile ). This blog was started to inspire you to be productive, resourceful, etc., etc. It still is these things except that we are just slowing down a bit.

Daily Meditation practice may have taken precedence, yet aren't you still grappling with that gnawing sense of time urgency? Again, no one can be all things to all people no matter how devoted they may be. The dishes have to get done.

 Your Spirit Rocks™😁😁😁😁 initially was to be a meditation device to help those who had used one to focus on something physical, tangible, and weighty. Truthfully, most of the time they are just hanging around on windowsills or nightstands looking pretty. Occasionally, they are picked up, dusted, and wiped clean. They are not, however, PET ROCKS! Those rocks can only be described as space fillers to be tossed back into the sea. 

Your Spirit Rocks™ will serve you in pursuit of furthering your creative expression, and a device to help you focus on achieving a goal. Go make yourself one or get one from me at the Calistoga Farmer's Market. Use your brain!