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Sunday, December 6, 2015


This is a word that I have had to revisit many times throughout my life.A woman at the Farmer's Market remarked last Saturday, "My,but you must have a lot of PATIENCE to do what you do".The truth is that I don't.The work I do affords me an opportunity to learn about this virtue called PATIENCE.

The materials I use, the brushes, the drying time, the integrity of the design all play into it.My business card says "Artist" but that is just a title (and one that is difficult to accept at times)

These are demanding times and many distractions will tug at our quest for Serenity and Peace of mind. Waiting,Focusing,Listening,Appreciating,Remembering and Prayer are all acquired through practice.Hearing how others acquire these skills as practices inspires each of us, if we allow them in. Stilling the mind and getting quiet before that first cup of coffee in the morning is a start.

Being a conscientious driver is another practice that requires a stilling of the mind.Either those around me are going too slow or they are obviously driving too fast if they are on my tail going just above the speed limit.PATIENCE for the most part, is just remembering to be gentle with oneself.This week's rock required a bit of patience on my part. I was in the "Zone" as they say, and it was a joy producing this result.