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Monday, December 20, 2010

Inspired by the glow

Today I am following a new direction in my artwork. The emphasis will be on glowing. I like things that glow, reflect, refract or otherwise direct light in a visually pleasing manner.Mostly, things that either glow, sparkle, twinkle, shine from the outside or inside either right before dawn or just after dusk. This is why early Spring and early Fall are my favorite times of the year.As much as I enjoy the coziness of Winter, I must say that it is very much like the dog days of summer, where boredom and ennui creeps in and longs for change... any change. The Spirit Rocks were just a start. I am interested in creating something perhaps in 3-D, that will provide a sense of wonderment for a small child. Christmas tree lights and the fascination with glowing things are prevalent this time of the year. My apartment has several electronic gadgets that support my computers that have small colored lights of red, green and blue. Sometimes I think that it is because of these lights that I have all the computers. They just look so cool !

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Your Spirit Rock

Thank you for visiting the Spirit Rocks blog spot.The following is how the idea for Spirit Rocks came to be.

The story began when I headed out to the coast to do some thinking after I left my job. Again, I was looking for guidance and direction from my Higher Spirit, because I did not know where or what to do next with my life.

Russian Gulch is an area just north of Jenner, CA.I parked my old Ford in a small,not-so-obvious turnout off the coast road and began hiking through the underbrush towards the ocean which I could hear in the distance. After walking approximately one quarter of a mile,you reach a clearing and inlet where a small stream of water will block your entrance to the beach when the tide comes in. Some people will throw logs and branches to make a bridge to the beach, but It probably is just as easy to roll your pants up and take your shoes off to wade closer to the shoreline. The surf crashes hard on this private little beach that is enclosed both on the north and south sides. It is only about one hundred yards in length.

Most of the rocks here are smooth and plentiful, as the tides have pounded over them for centuries.I picked one up and thought about how life washes over each one of us... smoothing our rough edges.I noticed how good it felt in my hand, and how it helped me center my thoughts.At once, I felt at peace and knew instinctively that everything was going to be okay no matter what direction I chose to take. Late in the afternoon, I stuck a few of these rocks in my pocket and headed back to my car.The ride home was exhilarating as my mind entertained pleasant memories of times spent near the Russian River area in summer's past.The warm days and balmy evenings playing miniature golf and going to teen dances are the stuff of youthful dreams.

Later when I arrived home, I emptied my pockets and began to paint one of the rocks with some metallic paints I had around. Once it dried, It looked really beautiful and so I took other colors and started to decorate it. The acrylic paint adhered very nicely to the surface of the rock and it occurred to me that a small amount of glitter may embellish it nicely. Lastly, I had some glow-in-the dark paint and began adding small dabs to see how well that took to the rock. It worked beautifully.

Turning the lights off, it looked like the rock's own spirit was emanating from inside as I held a flashlight to the white, glowing paint.Gradually the glow would fade and re-emerge depending on how long I held it under the light. Lastly, I sprayed a varnish on the outside to coat and protect all the layers of paint and glitter.Now I really had something to behold !

I began giving these away to friends and acquaintances as personal gifts, that they could keep or pass on as they wished. Naturally,they contain only the good fortune and power you want to give it, as it is held in your hand.It is not known where it's journey will end. Perhaps at Russian Gulch, where it was initially found.All I know is that it gives me a lot of joy to decorate them and pass them along.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unlock your Spirit !

This is what the rocks look like both in the light, or glowing in the dark. It has been imbued with good feelings, hopes, wishes and love. When you are feeling blue, take it out and hold it under a bright light for a minute. Then take it to a quiet, dark place where you can watch it glow brightly .

Take moment to :

Remind yourself that the light within you is producing perfect results in every phase of your life now.

Let it remind you that you are a perfect child of God and that you have a Divine purpose, right here and right now.

Remember that everything you need is now manifesting in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.

Enjoy this gift, and bring it with you wherever you go.

Blessings and Peace