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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rocks of the week

Okay, so here are a few "Spinner Rocks" which are the latest, and the final ones for 2018. This batch has been showcased because I've been lazy about posting a single "Rock of the Week"...and then skipping weeks throughout the year. These Spinner Rocks are a direction aimed to forward my creative pursuit. My idea is to find items that can be re-created easily and reproduced in abundance, so I don't have to spend ALL my time painting rocks. Painting rocks is a lot of fun, but what starts out as a groove can turn into a rut if left uninspired.

In the coming year, my intent is to have new items to add to the list. Things like gift cards, posters, bottle stoppers, magnets, more pendants, stacked rocks ( Cairns ) and rocks with invisible messages.

This year has gone by so fast and the future looks promising. It is my hope that everyone who has purchased a rock has also been inspired to paint their own. Go and "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell might say.

My mother believed that everyone has a talent, some more than others, some more unique, but everyone has a talent that is God-given. May you find and cultivate your own unique gifts in 2019. Life is to short to do otherwise