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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mix and Match

This is a puzzle I've created for fun and enjoyment.The object is to match the pairs of rocks that are the same. Granted that they all look different,but I have changed a basic element in all but four of them. I have inverted the colors or have modified them in some way in Photoshop to make them appear different. I will give you a starting hint... row 2, number one and four are the same rock.Okay, now see if you can guess the remaining eight pairs.Check back on my next post to see if you got them all. Now click on the picture itself for a larger view of the rocks.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Enjoying the Spring

This photo was taken with a fish-eye lens by a photographer who happened by my vendors booth(?) at the Saturday morning market. It shows me relaxed and enjoying the day (what a concept, huh?) The thing I enjoy most about where I am situated is that I am pretty much under a tree and protected from the direct sunlight.Even with an umbrella pitched, the sun at midday can be pretty intense.Slathering a lot of sunscreen helps keep the harsh effects of the sun at bay.Thankfully, I am allowed to be in the same spot most weekends throughout the year.Beginning this coming Tuesday, you will find me at the Napa Farmer's Market as well.Come by and say hello!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Rock of the Week

The Heart is one of the most iconic and easily recognized symbols,ever.People will react differently to it, as they would a cross or a circle. The heart's form is rounded yet comes to a point.It looks to be very similar to the actual shape of the human heart which remains unseen, short of a surgical procedure.The heart's color is usually red which will signify blood,alarm,life force,understanding,presence and meaning.It is an important symbol for this era of technology which is moving increasingly towards expediency and less towards humanity.The rock below was created to have one focus on the gift of compassion and empathy,which is a rare and precious thing in today's world.