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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Justin Leary • Heart Flow


This music has been produced and arranged by my nephew, Justin who is a talented guitarist,vocalist,songwriter.Give a listen and download some GREAT music!(IMHO)Especially the song,"Disappearing Sun".


Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Best of the best

This weekend I got a message from my nephew, Justin Leary from Australia. He is a musician who plays guitar and has arranged some pretty compelling music on CD. He has requested that I submit some art work for a new CD he is currently finishing up. I was honored to hear that he would like me to do that for him and we have worked out an exchange agreement. This week, I have enclosed a short video which showcases my best rocks and what they look like in the dark with my nephews music playing in the background. If you have Flash installed, Click on the link below and enjoy !

Your Spirit Rocks ! (video)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rock of the week

My good friend Veda, recommended that I paint more "Urchin" rocks. These are fun to do because they have a natural oceanic look to them. I can almost picture them in an aquarium under a black light like the one shown below.

This week I went to the Veteran's home in Yountville to meet with the volunteer coordinator about having a workshop there. The meeting went well and among the ten people that were present came a variety of questions.Ultimately, I think they were concerned mostly about a budget which would not be a problem in my estimation, since I would be supplying many of the necessary utensils to hold the first actual workshop.We figured that it would not cut into their time either, since I was only looking at a few hours to present and demonstrate how I actually go about decorating a rock.I am hopeful that the initial workshop will be approved.

The only other meeting I had was with someone who may be able to have the gift rocks displayed for purchase at the Robert Mondavi Winery store. I am in the process now of creating a number or rocks that I think would be a "good fit".

We shall see...