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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rock of the week

My good friend Veda, recommended that I paint more "Urchin" rocks. These are fun to do because they have a natural oceanic look to them. I can almost picture them in an aquarium under a black light like the one shown below.

This week I went to the Veteran's home in Yountville to meet with the volunteer coordinator about having a workshop there. The meeting went well and among the ten people that were present came a variety of questions.Ultimately, I think they were concerned mostly about a budget which would not be a problem in my estimation, since I would be supplying many of the necessary utensils to hold the first actual workshop.We figured that it would not cut into their time either, since I was only looking at a few hours to present and demonstrate how I actually go about decorating a rock.I am hopeful that the initial workshop will be approved.

The only other meeting I had was with someone who may be able to have the gift rocks displayed for purchase at the Robert Mondavi Winery store. I am in the process now of creating a number or rocks that I think would be a "good fit".

We shall see...

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