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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

With Doilies !

  My friend Veda crocheted a lovely doily some time ago and just recently sent me another one. I have found that these items are just the absolute best thing to have under your Spirit Rock on a coffee table or mantle. For one thing, the wooden vaneer will not be scratched and your rock will be properly displayed.

  The other thing that adds value to this item is the fact that like the rock itself, it also glows in the dark! (with or without the activation of a UV blacklight). 

  Just like the stars that adorn a child's bedroom ceiling, the doily and rock will continue to glow after the lights are turned off. Naturally, the brilliance of these items make for a one-of-a-kind showcase piece.

  Hopefully, we will be able to feature the glowing doilies along with "Your Spirit Rocks!™" sometime soon at our local Farmer's Market. Veda says that she will take a look into this as being a possibility. 

Below, they are featured just underneath the Rock of the Week!

One: Regular Light, 

Two: UV Light and 

Three: Glowing on it's own.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Portfolio 2023

 Thankfully, I finally learned how to navigate and compose slide shows using the Apple™ Keynote app. It was after having completed the project I was able to upload it to YouTube™ and then copy the link for viewing on the Your Spirit Rocks blog here.

It was not saved at the highest resolution, so it may be better viewed on your smart device. Even still, the soothing transitions of this four to five minute video showcases some of the best rock creations of the year. The image below is this weeks "Rock of the Week"


Monday, August 14, 2023

Who collects these rocks?

 I have met a lot of wonderful people who have bought rocks as gifts for others, or to have one or two for themselves.Many people who go to the market are looking for functional items to bring home. Tourists prefer items that they can take with them that are not too big and don't require shipping. Others want a unique gift that is one-of-a-kind and is a reminder of their trip. This is what I try to provide.

    It is known that many people paint rocks to sell. Some have sayings on them, others are like small mandalas that can be used for meditation.I recognize this and try to be accomodating to those that have a preference for color, size and subject matter. This being said, I can't please everybody. For every rock I sell, I have to paint another one... and over the thirteen years that I've been doing this, I would estimate that over a million have been sold.

    People who have seen me, know that I treat everyone the same. Young and old. Never are these art pieces pushed on people. It can be said here that, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink ". I say, that if you are meant to have a rock, it will choose you. They are all different, like everyone who stops just to have a look. Thank you to all my patrons. You make my day!

    Below are two young ladies who found the painted rocks as something worth investigating.

Monday, August 7, 2023

What we own

  What we own also owns us.Concious generosity and striving for simplicity is the answer for some . Doing a physical inventory of our belongings will reveal our memories and attachments. Keeping things simple in this way is a bigger problem than what we may think. With the advent of the internet, staying focused on the present has been something of a challenge. Attending to those events,updates, texts and emails... Is it all really necessary? Do I need to go out to get this new gadget? Will having the lastest post, like, or comment on social media have any real effect on the quality of our relationships? Perhaps, but all this liking has got me thinking... how is this specifically contributing to our personal growth, and value as critical thinkers?

The less I know, the more I think I have to. 

  A weird sense of time urgency has taken over. I'm no longer missing what's going on out in the world, because it's all there at my discretion and dismissal.This is how we in the West have been trained to think for decades... and if thoughts are things, we are in big trouble.

  There is so much around that has to be sifted through and discarded. There is a lack of storage space not just physically, but in our heads! I think that we are in need of an external hard drive for our brains! 

  You don't have to miss anything of importance if you can go back, sift through it and make sense of it all.We now have the tools to become so much more expedient in our research and assertions. The problem then becomes what is called the "Deep Fake". Ever since AI has come to the fore, we now have to prepare ourselves for that which may have been a falsehood or a questionable story in the beginning. An advert quote recalled from the past... "Is it live or is it Memorex?" Good question. Time to examine things a lot more closely.

Below is this week's "Rock of the Week". It is one from the past which did draw much attention on my table at the Farmer's Market.

So I dolled it up a bit.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Doing the deal

     If it ain't one thing, it's another. Right. A Great sentence to start a paragraph. Today, i've been in the process of re-inventing myself. Much like I do most every day. Unfortunately, it seems that having a desire to change, I end up with no new habits. Habits are tough things to begin as well as to break, just as much as resolutions are hard things to keep. Be it exercise, diet, prayer, meditation, preparing a meal or limiting the amout of coffee you drink in the morning. 

    Sometimes that is the best that can be done. Washing the car and doing the laundry also fits into this category. The best advice my father gave me was to stay busy.Now, he was not talking about distracting yourself. It seems that finding meaningful work or creating leisure habits to do can be a transforming experience, no matter how humble they may appear. The work may be voluntary, a paid service...a pain or a joy. This is our choice. Hobbies and avocations serve a purpose in this regard as well. Is it something that you want to do? If so, then your happiness becomes a function of participation. It can be a solitary or group endeavor.

    Art and Rock painting has always been somewhat of a spiritual practice for me. It calms my mind, and keeps me present in the moment. Other than this, it keeps me heading in the right direction. 

  People may say that I have put all my eggs ( in this case, rocks) in one basket. To that remark, I would have to say yes. Half measures have availed me nothing. I had this attitude when devoting myself to running marathons until I injured myself. Then,  when I was at work I would be running in place (figuratively speaking ) just to please people, which ultimately did not work.

    Whatever it was that was going to take a large portion of my time, meant that I was "All in". So far, my lot in life begins at the stage of acceptance of those things which I cannot change.

Remember...It takes courage to change. Welcome it.

Below is this week's "Rock of the week".