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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Saturday Market in Calistoga

This summer has kicked into high gear at the Farmer’s Market. Many of you have found your way to the YOUR SPIRIT ROCKS! ™ stand to purchase a rock or pendant for a friend or loved one. Lately, the designs have become more sophisticated. Stacked rocks, Animal talismans, Ancient Symbols and a whole new assortment of different sizes. No two rocks are alike, which makes it fun to watch as you take your time to pick a rock that is to your liking. It is amazing to watch a smile break out across someone’s face as the right choice is made.

So I thank all of you for visiting the Calistoga Farmer’s Market on these beautiful Napa Valley mornings. I wish you all an overflowing of loving kindness and a joyous summer of abundant fun.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pendants !

Now it seems like eons ago, but somehow I got the idea to drill holes in the Spirit Rocks to make pendants out of them. This proved to be a very labor intensive, time consuming proposition. Each hole took me about a half-hour to drill with a hand drill. Then two out of five of these rocks would crack and break. Great. Well, after visiting a craft shop in Guerneville, I discovered a handy little mount that adheres to the back of the rock with a loop, so that they can be hung from a lanyard or necklace. These are nice little show pieces that are eye-catchers for sure. I like wearing one, just to hear the nice compliments I get from people.