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Monday, October 4, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen...

 " It's Brick Jagged and the Glowing Stones! "  I'm always trying to find clever and humorous ways of presenting my gift rocks.

     As it stands now, I like to think of these items as " Spirit Rocks ". Initially, they were meant to be used as meditation objects and can still be used in that fashion. The ornamental style appears mandala-like and is pleasant to observe when being used to focus during meditation (note the smaller rock on top.) Otherwise, I have many novelty rocks and memorial rocks that are designed for different purposes. My collection has spanned over ten years and continues to grow. Just like McDonald's™ Burgers used to advertise "Over a million sold ". The same can be said for Your Spirit Rocks!™ The glow in the dark feature is and has been the very reason they are called Spirit Rocks. Although they sometimes can be associated with a Meditation center in Fairfax, CA. they are not. The comparison is merely incidental. If anything, the name complements the fine work that is done there.

    People sometimes ask me where I get my inspiration. This question takes me back to the journey taken in my quest to find a perfect method of expression and a suitable medium used to express it. First of all, the painting comes to mind because of my training at an Art College. The rocks (as my canvas ) came after skipping them along a beach in Northern California. Smooth, Flat, and Round stones are what I have chosen to make into collectibles and other items of interest. Lastly, they became "Spirit Rocks". The making of these talismans is what has proven to be a quest and practice worth pursuing. Many fine artists have arrived at the idea that Beauty is a quality that transcends the physical object. I find this to be true for each design that emerges.