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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Got a rock? Sign the guestbook !

This week's rock is one that looks like an ideal rock to use for a canvas, that is a surface for your expression.Rocks that are smooth, symmetrical and flat are ideal for this purpose.A rock has to feel good in the palm of your hand.It has to call to your imagination and curiosity.It is sharing a specific point in space and time.This is an object that has (in all likelihood ) been on this planet long before you arrived.Perhaps it was the rock that made Australian Aborigines adhere to the notion that their ancestors are spirits alive in all natural forms such as trees, mountains and rocks throughout what is called the Dreamtime.

The Spirit of a rock is revealed in it's form and setting.Scientists tell us that all matter is in flux.Nothing is solid.This is apparently the antithesis of what we might imagine when we observe a rock, sitting in the palm of our hand.A rock is the focal point and a concentration of the elements that formed it.A rock's form is molded by that which it is impacted.Held together by complementary components, having been rendered by the elements of air, earth,fire and water.Rocks are very mysterious,indeed.It is my hope that you will explore all the mystery that a rock can convey.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Urchin Message

This week's rock was inspired by the sea urchins that can be found occasionally on the local beaches here in Northern California. The concentric design is appealing, and can be used as a charming meditation object.The variety of glow colors are added to make this a visually comforting device to have by your bedside at night. The glow can soothe the anxiety a scared child may feel after the lights are turned out. This rock will hopefully encourage parents to listen to the concerns and fears of their children at bedtime. When children see light (any light) in the dark, it gives them a spatial reference point.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

This week's Rock of the Week

I know, I know.This week's rock isn't a rock but a decorated scallop shell. But hey, I'm branching out and trying different surfaces.This shell was given to me by my friend,Jennifer. She has been providing me with a bunch of goodies to further my creative pursuits.I used the same basic materials that are used to paint and decorate the rocks.Metallic acrylic,glow paint and assorted glitters and adornments.I have made a couple of pendants with scallop shells and they have proved to be quite popular.I won't say if these items are going to be a permanent feature, but changing it up now and then will only refine my craft.What do you think? Leave a comment for me in the guestbook.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Rock of the Week

This rock exemplifies the wonder of Sacred Geometry.The image in the middle of the rock is what is known as the "Flower of Life".It should be known that I did not draw or paint the whole image.This is a sticker that was printed out on photo-paper and was adhered to the rock using an industrial strength glue.

Past rocks have been adorned with other forms of sacred geometry.In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos.These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature each form and it's vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relation of the part to the whole.

The interlocking lines represent points on a sphere which underpin every form in the known universe.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Rock of the Week

This week's rock features a picture taken with my Iphone under a black light.This brings out the luminescence, which is very important to each Spirit Rock.The difference here is that this rock was placed upon a piece of mat board that was painted with florescent paint.

The rock itself is a stacked cairn which added a three dimensional quality to what is seen from a topical view.

A few weeks ago, I travelled to a show in Alameda which featured black light art. It all went well except my work was no more exceptional than any of the other artwork being featured at the gallery there known as "Studio 23." It was fun and a few rocks got sold, but this was too far to travel for a night show.

If anyone knows of a night gallery to display my work, please let me know.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Rock of the Week

This week's rock is one I call molten crackle. I use this one-step crackle coat that not only gives a high gloss finish, it also has a nice random splay of cracks that get filled with a contrasting color ( in this case, florescent orange).The rock itself is palm size and can fit nicely into a purse or pocket.Ideally used as a meditation device or what was popularly called a "Worry Stone" back in the day.It looks fabulous under a black light as well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This week's rock

Most people who have visited my booth recognize this rock I call my "Disco Ball". It's been around for a long time, and took a long time to paint.Painting on this rock was difficult because of all the various colors and small dots I laid down in a spiral pattern.The paint I use is very viscous and is almost like painting with Elmer's glue.The rock itself is quite large and could probably be used for lawn bowling or even as a shot-put! I like it because it has become a friendly display rock that can be found on the corner of the display table at every market.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The "Your Spirit Rocks!" Story

Thank you for visiting the "Your Spirit Rocks!" blog spot.

"Your Spirit Rocks!"came to me as a result of the enthusiasm I want to share with you.This is how it began.

Let me start with a disclaimer...Although I like to refer to these as "Spirit Rocks",they are spiritual only in the sense they contain a connection to the spirit of the earth for which they are imbued.

That being said,This site is not connected with the renowned Spirit Rock Retreat Center in Fairfax,CA. I honor and respect the contribution they have made,and the good work that they do.

This story began in October,2009 when I headed west to the coast to follow the dictates of my heart. I had left a wonderful job,working eight years as a Concierge in a prestigious cooking school.

Here,at sixty, and looking for guidance from a Higher Power,I did not know where or what to do next in my life.What I found pretty much answered those questions for me.

Russian Gulch is an area just north of Jenner, CA...I parked my old Ford in a small,not-so-obvious turnout off the coast road and began to hike towards the ocean where the waves crashed off in the distance. After walking a quarter of a mile,you reach a clearing where a small stream blocks your entrance to the beach.

When the tide comes in, People will throw logs and branches to make a bridge to cross to the beach, but it's probably just as easy to roll your pants up and take your shoes off to wade closer to the shoreline.During the summer, these measures are not necessary, but the surf crashes hard on this private little beach.It is enclosed on the north and south sides and is only a hundred yards,in length.The undertow can be very strong.

Most of the rocks here are smooth and plentiful.The tides have pounded them for centuries.I picked one up and thought about how life washes over each one of us... smoothing out our rough edges.I noticed how good it felt in my hand, and how it helped me center my thoughts.I was at peace,

Late in the afternoon, a few rocks were kept in my pocket as I headed back to the car.The ride home was exhilarating.My mind entertained pleasant memories of summers past.Warm days and balmy evenings playing on the beach,swimming in the Russian River, and going to teen club dances in the evening are the stuff of youthful dreams.

At home, I emptied my pockets and began to paint them using acrylics.Once dried,I took other colors and started to decorate several rocks. The paint adhered nicely to the surface,and a small amount of glitter embellished them even more. Lastly,some glow in the dark paint was applied.It all worked beautifully.

Turning off the lights,it seems a spirit emanated as a flashlight was held to the glow paint.Gradually, the initial glow faded,but easily recharged depending on how long it was held under a light.Finally, a clear coat of varnish was applied to protect each component,so as to render a lasting product when dry.What a thing to behold!

These rocks have been given away to friends and family. They have been sold as personal gifts, and are kept or passed on. They contain only the good fortune and power you allow them. Perhaps far in the future someone will venture off to Russian Gulch where they too will acquire the same or a similar experience... just by holding a simple rock!

These rocks provide a lot of joy as they get passed along.Now I have focus and direction about what I want, and where I am going.I thank my Higher Power each day for what has been given me... what has been taken from me, and what has been left.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Napa Rock Hunters

It had to happen.This great idea also occurred to me a few years ago.Now Naparocks has done something about it.Painting and hiding rocks for people to find and post on Facebook.I know that you can still find Your Spirit Rocks™ at Bothe State park, Lake Hennessy and out on the coast near Jenner... and they will be yours to keep.However,It pleases me to hear that a Facebook group has formed in Napa with over 1500 members and growing fast. People are painting and planting them in public places to be discovered by those lucky enough to find them.

It seems that the idea and subsequent Facebook page was spurned from the recent smartphone App game that has had everyone walking off cliffs,running into walls and getting robbed in blind alleys.Yep,We've heard of Pokemon Go™. But Unlike that game, These winners enjoy finder's keepers or pass it on! And... where else can you get hidden treasure these days.It's family friendly and as far as I know,relatively safe.I love it! Check out this link:

Napa Rock Hunters

So, if you have painted a rock and are about to hide it,make sure you have "Find on Facebook at Napa Rocks" on the back.Then,as the instructions say...Post a picture and a hint to where it can be found (park, school, etc.) Lastly,Hide the rock for others to find.

So,you've found a rock? Take a picture and post it so hiders know it was found. Keep the rock or re-hide it. If re-hid, post a hint to where it can be found.#naparocks

Below is my first entry in this Naparocks Game.Hint: It's somewhere between the Sharpsteen Museum and the Calistoga Police Dept. (Drop by on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market, and I'll take your picture if you spot it) Happy Hunting!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Rock of the Month

Okay,so I've decided to post this as "The Rock of the Month" only because I have been unable to keep up with this blog. It has been a long busy summer, and just keeping the inventory stocked has been challenging.The popularity of these items has surprised me from the beginning, and it sparks my curiosity to see which rocks move.Especially those which one may consider to be "abstract".

Figurative pieces like a dragonfly or a cat may be popular only in the sense that people would identify with them.Initially however, these rocks were meant for meditation.As such, concentric designs have been the most prolific.Size,texture,weight,color,glow,shine and "Feel" have been the characteristics that people consider when choosing a rock.When I say "Feel" people may look at me funny, but in a sense, every rock is individualized,even without adorning it with a specific color or texture.

Most of the rocks are smooth and flat enough to paint on.The rocks are for the most part,symmetrical to add uniformity to each piece.The rock featured below has a hologram in the center to add dimensionality to it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Hot August Rock !

Last weekend I received a nice heart-shaped rock from Bob and Penny who are vendors at the Calistoga Market.It is not my style per se, but the mere fact that they were thinking about me was touching. Many rocks were sold last Saturday and now I am in the process of replenishing my inventory.Luckily,I have some standard designs that inspire me to make updated versions. When people visit my table, it is usually expressed that "No two rocks are alike" which is basically true.Just as no two snowflakes are identical;But I do repeat certain motifs and illustrations.My hope is that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase, and that they find their rock to be particularly special to them.

This week's rock is one that is almost reminiscent of the yin-yan rock that I've done in the past.This one has a triad motif that symbolizes the dynamic of three complimentary forms in one shape.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Rock(s) of the Week

Every week I try to post this week's "Rock of the Week" but admittedly,I've been a bit late in this effort.More importantly, is that my visitors will appreciate that I have always come up with something new to inspect as collectors.

This week I am featuring several rocks to make up for the rocks I haven't posted. What you see below is a collection of rocks on top of a plexiglass table I designed many years ago. The rocks were featured at the Farmer's Market in Calistoga back in 2013.The table seemed a little impractical after that time because it was getting pretty scratched up.Today, I am happy to report that all those rocks you see found happy homes.More to come in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Magic of Rocks and Relatives

A few weeks ago, my nephew Mark and his two daughters Nicole and Brianna (my grandnieces) as well as my grandnephew Noah came to visit the west coast and catch up with their extended family during their stay in California.Along the way,they planned a drive up the northern coast road towards Oregon.This would be after they had spent a night or two in San Francisco at my sister Martha's house.I was going to meet them there, but would be working on Sunday and would be too bushed to drive down to the City and back.It was then decided that we could meet at a small cafe in Jenner, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean.This is small, quaint little town where one can order fresh salmon sandwiches to eat at a picnic table while listening to seagulls squawk along the waterfront

This scene was idyllic, and a wonderful afternoon where we had plenty of time to share stories and laughter.So before they had planned on leaving, I suggested to that we stop up the road about four miles,so that they could take a short hike and get the full experience of a west coast beach. So what better place to visit than Russian Gulch where I go to collect my spirit rocks! Naturally,they were all enthusiastic about the idea, so off we went for this quick jaunt across a curvy, switch-back highway (which would be just a small taste of what was in store for the one hundred mile trip planned for that day). Eventually we pulled over into a not-so-obvious turnout.Then we got out of the cars and hiked a quarter of a mile through a jungle until we reached the shore.

The weather was gloriously sunny and a bit windy, but the fresh air did us all good.It was explained to them that they now had a job to do. They would look for this specifically described sandstone that would be used to make a Spirit Rock. It must be perfectly symmetrical, flat and round without blemishes and preferably small enough to put in ones pocket. Now the hunt was on.They all scoured the many areas along the shore to come up with a big sack full of these type of rocks.This pleased their great uncle immensely. Left to his own devices, it would have taken a few hours to accomplish what was accomplished in a much shorter time.Aside from this,My nephew Mark climbed up the face of a cliff while young Noah took pictures of the shoreline with his fancy camera.Then my niece Brianna proceeded to climb up on the most prominent rock there to have her picture taken. She looked absolutely beautiful facing west looking out over the ocean.This view was not to be missed.

When we eventually headed back to the cars, it was a given that they would each have a painted rock to take with them on their adventurous escapade.Below are some of the pictures taken that day

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Catching up

This past few weeks have been very busy at both the markets where I sell rocks, especially Sebastopol. I am grateful for all the new collectors and have enjoyed meeting all the people who have stopped by my vendors site.Today I am busy replenishing my supply of rocks to sell. Admittedly, this is a "Good problem" my sister might say.It tells me that what I am doing is attracting a degree of popularity and that people find the product I've created valuable.

The "Product" if you will, is more an exercise in free form creativity. I can honestly say that I don't always know what the outcome of each rock I paint will be. This is why I will freely state that all my rocks are individually painted and that no two are alike; Essentially, your rock will pick you if you are meant to have it. This may be a stretch, but it does emphasize the particularity of each creation, and it's appeal.

My hope is that everyone is pleased with their purchase, and if they have any questions about the process I follow in creating these rocks, I will be happy to share what I know. Below is the most recent,"Rock of the week"

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Begins

June 20th found me out at the beach near Jenner. I was joined by my extended family as we savored a delicious lunch of Salmon and Arugula sandwiches.Later,we headed up the road to a secluded beach where we followed a path to a enchanting,rocky cove.There we collected many rocks of all sizes.My relatives were most helpful in finding the smoothest,roundest,most flat, and perfectly-sized sandstones ever.These were the exact type used later in the "Your Spirit Rocks!" creations.After we bid our goodbyes they continued travelling on up the coast to Fort Bragg,a long, winding road trip 100 miles further.

Below is a large rock that was painted for my neighbor Kathy, whose sister is in need of prayers and spiritual consolation.Her totem is an owl, which was styled after a drawing that Kathy handed me to reinterpret on a large sandstone rock.

Monday, June 20, 2016

This week's Rock of the Week

Here I have been saying to recent purchasers of my rocks to visit this blog site to view "The Rock of the Week" and it has been weeks since I've posted this ongoing feature.I try to do this on a consistent basis but admittedly will sometimes get behind. Not so much on painting the rocks themselves, but on finding a suitable rock for posting.The rocks don't always get photographed, and are subsequently sold before they are added to my inventory. This Spring has been a busy season for me now that I am working two popular markets on a regular basis.

So... what you see below is a rock of many colors that aren't really apparent until you turn out the lights and put it under a black light.This particular rock is painted with a high grade phosphorescent paint, with a glow that will keep throughout the night if held under a regular light for thirty seconds.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sebastopol Sundays

Lately, I have been enjoying participating in the Farmer's Market on Sunday on the town square in Sebastopol. The vendors and the people are just great.The market manager always seems to be able to squeak me in at the last minute, because I am not yet part of the regular membership. After setting up, I usually settle in with a nice cup of coffee and some conversation with few of the regulars.Around ten in the morning the music starts and suddenly the place comes alive. Lots of kids, parents, shoppers and dare I say, hippies. Yes, this is where the colorful bohemians have found refuge.

The place has a personality all it's own and the locals take pride in their town.It's not that hard to find either. Just head west on highway 12 past Stony Point road and you will run right into it. If you enjoy exotic food and the best people watching spot in northern California, then the Sebastopol market is for you.

Below is a picture of this week's Rock of the Week

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Rock Poem

This poem was sent to me from my friend, Martha Casselman.It was apparently written by a young person named Celeste (and don't know if it is her niece, grand daughter or whomever) but it is a very endearing poem, nonetheless.Martha appreciates creative excellence wherever she finds it.About a month ago, she hosted a wonderful party for local artists.Some of her friends are accomplished artists, others a just friends who appreciate the arts.We are fortunate to have a person like Martha as part of our community here in Calistoga.

Monday, May 9, 2016

This Week's Rock

Here we have a rock that is what one might call state of the art. It has a "Blingy" holographic disc in the center, and high grade luminous paint around the outside.Being that the rock is painted white with a thin veneer of interference green, one would think that the glowing paint turns all green when set aglow.Nope. It features blue,orange and then green glowing highlights in the pitch darkness (see second pic below). This is the same rock as the one above it!

Something I've added on the other side is what seemingly looks like nothing, except that invisible ink and has been used to create a design that is not viewable except under a black light.Now,how cool is that? See these fabulous rocks on display next time you visit the Farmer's Market.


In Pitch Darkness

Under a Blacklight

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This Week's Rock

This week's rock is a simple motif featuring a silver butterfly in the middle of a dark blue background. This week I've been experimenting with Gelly pens that come in many colors and styles...glitter, metallic etc. I went ahead and purchased several florescent colors, which are used on this rock to accent the area surrounding the butterfly's blue background. These pens will smear on the surface of the rock if they are not clear-coated with a UV Krylon Spray. However,after that is applied, the results look spectacular under a black light. The symbol of the butterfly is a popular one during the Easter Season, as it represents transformation, freedom and redemption.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Rock that awaits

This Rock is what will greet you on the beach at Russian Gulch. I have fond memories already, of climbing up the rock and sitting on it and looking out at the ocean.It has been a presence there throughout the year.Perhaps it was always there.Perhaps even before the continental shelf was formed.One time, their was a rock found nearby that was shaped like a heart (see below).My friend Tina took a picture of me sitting with this held in my hand happily upon the big rock. The heart rock was left on that spot because it belonged there.

Plain and simple.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Labyrinth

Yesterday, I met with my friend Marnie Cunningham.We worked together at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St.Helena.She is a very warm-hearted person who is known and loved by many people in the town of St. Helena where she lives.Marnie and I have stayed in touch over the years and she has recently moved on from her position as Concierge at the C.I.A.

Well, yesterday we met for coffee and afterwards went down the street to the Episcopal church where a new Labyrinth had been constructed.It was about three in the afternoon when we set out to "walk the path" of this entire maze which lay before us.All in all, it took about 20 minutes(I am guessing, because the experience of time took on a curious point of focus for the both of us)

Then after we had traversed the path to completion, we reflected on what it meant to do this exercise.Interestingly, we both agreed that it felt spiritual and significant in a way that was not easy to articulate.She remarked that it was a good thing that I was wearing my "Spirit Rock" pendant, which I always seem to have on. Not thinking too much about it,I came to realize that I had one very similar one in my car which would be a perfect gift for Marnie.

She accepted it graciously and it now represents a certain spiritual bond that we both can share. I am truly grateful for our time as co-workers, but more importantly, our time spent as friends.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reflections about the Blarney Stone

Erin go braugh, and Happy St. Patty's day! Being Irish as the day is long, I felt it was appropriate to post a little green Irish rock.We could call it the "Blarney Stone"but that name is already taken. The original Blarney Stone is on the uppermost level of the Blarney castle in County Cork, Ireland. It is said that the "Kissing the Blarney Stone" provides one with the "Gift of Eloquence." It's powers are unquestioned but its story still creates debate.

Once upon a time, visitors had to be held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlements. Today, the locals are more cautious of the safety of it's visitors. The Stone itself is still set in the wall below the battlements. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards (holding on to an iron railing) from the parapet walk.Some claim that this was the same stone that gushed water when struck by Moses. Some say it was Jacob's Pillow, brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah.Here it became the Lia Fail or "Fatal Stone", used as an oracular throne of Irish kings.

Others say that the stone was brought back to Ireland during the Crusades,and was the deathbed pillow of St. Columba.Legend also says it served as having the prophetic power of royal succession (i.e.the Stone of Destiny)

Below are pictures of the Blarney stone and below that,the little green rock painted to celebrate the feast day of St.Patrick. A four-leafed clover would not be appropriate, even though most people search for these items to bring them good luck.The three-leafed shamrock however, is a symbol of the Blessed Trinity which was explained to be the three manifestations of the one God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).Allegedly by St.Patrick

So, after reading all this, Did you wear your green today, or did you get pinched by a mischievious leprechaun? Remember to wear green and kept my eye out for those pesky leprechauns who may surprise you when your least expect it!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

In like a lamb...

It is only March 3rd, and already we have storms backed up in the Pacific.This is a good thing of course, because our water resources here in California are in much need of replenishing.It has made it difficult for me though because when I go to the beach to collect rocks to paint,their seems to be a river that blocks access to the beach which ironically, usually is dry or easy to cross.Timing is essential when going to this particular beach where I get these rocks because rain or shine, one never knows when the river will be too deep to cross.You can bet though, that by July it will all be dry.

This weeks rock(s) are some I am preparing for Saturday's Market. These are all designs that have come to me in the past with slight variances in design.So,this week you get more than you perhaps expected.I've all three viewing states to give you an idea of what the rocks look like under a blacklight, lights out and in normal lighting.

Friday, February 26, 2016

This week's rock of the week

I have been playing around in Photoshop and have discovered how easy it is to modify images to make them look superior.First, I scan the rock I want to present, then I scan a background (in this case, a silky blue piece of fabric). Then, I twist the fabric and wrap a rubber band around it and place it on the scanner in such a way that it's folds are pointed toward the center.In Photoshop, I put the rock on a separate layer as I use a filter to twirl the fabric in the background.After this is done, I work on adding drop shadows,highlights and a bevel to bring the rock into prominence.Lastly, I use the hue and saturation tool to change the colors on the silky background.You like?

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Rock of the Week

Okay, so I've been lazy about posting the rock of the week. It's not honest when I update the blog every three or four weeks. and then call what I post," The Rock of the Week". Sometimes I don't scan the rocks, or even take a quick pic of them with my Iphone. Like anyone, i like to put my best foot forward, and some weeks go by where I don't have a nice rock to post.Besides this,my work schedule has increased and I've added another Market. Sebastopol on Sundays has proven to be a good market, but I've also had to keep production up without sacrificing quality.I hope that you would agree that my artistic sensibilities are still in tact.Perhaps the rock picture below is a testament to that.It is a composite of images that I put together in Photoshop to showcase an image I would like to see on a poster.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rock of the week

This week's rock is one I call the Superswirl heart.This is just in time for St.Valentine's Day.The backdrop is a silver cloth I've used in the past to showcase rocks that I deem very special.The heart is a popular motif which has universal appeal. As a symbol for Valentine's day, I think it is appropriate to consider this as a gift for that special friend or lover. I have plenty of other heart rocks that will be for sale at the Farmer's Market throughout February. I even have a few heart-shaped rocks that I've found at the beach. These are ones I keep an eye out for whenever I go collect rocks to paint.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

R.I.P. David Bowie

This is a picture my sister and I modified in Photoshop.It is quite remarkable how an image of Bowie can be transformed into a visually pleasing art piece. He was a very talented performer and visionary.He will certainly be missed

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Poster for the New Year

Below is the new poster that I will have in front of my vendor's site at the Calistoga Farmer's Market. I created it using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The poster is !8 X 24" and will sit on top of tripod under a plastic frame. A lot of people are not sure what "Illuminated" means in relation to the rocks, and hopefully they will come and ask me what it means.I have started using this term instead of "Glow in the Dark" because it more accurately describes how the rock look at different times of the day. The row of heart rocks on the poster itself shows the various views of the same rock.

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year 's Rocks!

These rocks are being artfully displayed to showcase the versatility of this medium.The image shows a few painted rocks on a blue, green and purple background of textured materials made to be reminiscent of the ocean.Pebbles,sand and other sea matter shows up in this painting.The image represnts a new direction that is planned for future projects that will be forthcoming in 2016. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Keeping this Coupon"

I have a little coupon on my bulletin board that has been tacked up there for over a year. A neighborhood kid came by collecting donations for a raffle that the local elementary school was having.The winner was going to be announced that following day.However, it was brought to my attention that I "Must be present to win". Hmmmm... okay, I'm down with that, but if I am not there,another number will be called and I will be plain out of luck as they say.

That got me to thinking, "Must be present to win". Isn't that true in life as well? Every day do we "Suit up and Show" up at our jobs,school or other places of business dragging our feet, not really being present?

It is important to be present wherever we are.Awareness is the first step in being conscious of our actions, so it is certainly to our advantage to"Keep this Coupon" and be "Present to Win". By the way, the coupon is still pinned to my bulletin board as a reminder.The rock below is a symbol of that presence that is in all of us.