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Monday, November 16, 2020

Returning to the Source

 It's been over a week or so since I have returned to the coast. It is there that one finds peace and tranquility walking along the shore. Usually, I spend time there reflecting and collecting the source of Your Spirit Rocks™ these are the smooth, flat, symmetrical, rounded, undimpled,blemish-free stones that are transformed into beautiful talismans and art pieces that become heirlooms and the gifts that keep on giving. They are held in my hand, felt for portability.

Above are the sizes which will work. No two rocks are really the same, neither is the painting that goes on them. The type of paint materials used are proprietary information, although most can be found in craft stores like Michaels™. Other adornments and devices are found online.

Being my tenth year in business, my portfolio of rocks can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page to the right column on this blog and visiting previous dates. Sometimes, however, the image will portray something other than the "Rock of the Week" but usually will have some relevant information as to what was recently implemented.
Again, if you wish more information, I will be happy to communicate with you via email, if you place a comment in the Guestbook. 

           Thank you for visiting, "Your Spirit Rocks!"

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Decoupage on Rocks for that special gift

 Hi there, If it's a simple, crisp, and clear image of a pet or a loved one, I can transfer it to a flat painted rock which is then decorated and adorned as an heirloom, to be passed on to the next generation. Each rock is UV clear-coated after being painted with a quality brand acrylic that resists color fading. The technique is decoupage, using a single image. Sign the guestbook on this site if you would like to contact me about having one made for you or your loved one. An image can be sent either as a .jpg  or .tiff file