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Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Saturday again !

Welcome to the Summer season at the Farmer's Market ! Today is the last day in May and many people are coming to the Valley this weekend for the BottleRock concert. Oh how I like hearing the word "Rock" in any activity around here. My hope is that these music fans will also find their way to the north end of the Napa Valley to visit the cozy little Farmer's Market.It's a must see!

Below is a candid picture of Mother Tabitha who provides good vibes and blessings to everyone who comes to visit. The sisters from her convent make wonderful baked goods that come fresh from the oven.She is a Russian Orthodox nun from a convent which is within walking distance to the Market. This picture was taken at the end of last week's market after she had gathered some beautiful flowers for the church.She then beckoned me over to her booth where she generously let me taste a delicious "Mud Pie Cookie" that had chocolate,walnuts,coconut and other wonderful ingredients.

Goodies like these are just a sample of what you'll find along with fresh fruit,flowers,Crepes and a host of other yummy stuff.Come on down and taste some of the best features offered here on a Saturday morning in Calistoga!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Backgrounds for Your Spirit Rocks!

Lately I've been working with florescent colors that look fabulous under a black light. It can be tricky placing colors that will recede next to colors that come forward. Orange is the strongest color in my palette.Under the black light, orange really pops out.Having a dark florescent blue next to the orange is a good strategy for creating a 3D effect, because the orange will almost "hover" above the surface when viewing the image with special 3D glasses from above. Digital photography does not present these colors properly,but at least you can see the general idea that I am currently developing for Your Spirit Rocks!™ I hope to have these backgrounds for sale sometime in the future.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom has been on the "other side" for many years, but I still think of her often.She was the best mom anyone could have wished for growing up.I always felt that she had my best interest at heart.Even when she would admonish me with"Chris, you have such great potential!" I knew she meant well.She was always there encouraging me to do my best, always.When I was an unruly teenager and lying to her face, she never attempted to bail me out of the trouble I got myself into;and for that I am truly grateful.

We make our own beds,and we sleep in them.

Thanks,Mom. I love you more than words could ever express.