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Friday, February 25, 2011

Do you have one?

If you have your own Spirit Rock, or have given one to a friend, Welcome !

The Spirit Rock is not a pet rock, it has it's own unique quality. Some use these as a meditation device to center oneself. They are low-maintenance, enjoyable items to give and receive. It has been painted and decorated to encourage you to seek beauty in your own life.

The Spirit Rock is a testimony to your good fortune and your future. Carry one in your pocket, meditate with it and make it your own. It will help focus your attention and foster inner peace.

If the rock isn't for you... then Pass it on ! These rocks have only as much power as you give them. Rocks, like good friends are kept around, and intended to be long-lasting.

Be gentle with the rock.Don't throw or mishandle it. These are painted with water soluble acrylic paint. They are then decorated with glitter and glow in the dark paint, and finally coated with a varnish. The surface is NOT indestructible, so keep it protected!

and as always, just know that...

"Your Spirit Rocks !"

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