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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

More Landscapes

The image below is of some coastal trees that are trying to conform to the shape of the rock. I like the sunsets I am able to paint without having to deplete the beautiful turquoise blue color used above it. It seems to work pretty well, considering how late in the day this was supposed to be.This view is reminiscent of many of the views along the Pacific Coast Highway. Generally, you will find Cyprus trees, Eucalyptus, Madrone and a whole assortment of other trees, including Oaks and Redwoods. The cliffs are steep and the ocean's horizon line is mesmerizing.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mountain Landscape

This Rock took a lot of time to paint. It is a rather large piece with good symmetry. Initially I painted the road at the bottom of the rock as one that is heading into a forest with pine trees all around. Then came the next layer of trees,fading off in the distance. A pale purple color depicts that aspect.Large,snow-capped mountains are at the top of the rock with a backdrop showing a sunset and star filled sky.This looks cool under a blacklight ( even if their is too much purple in this picture), yet the same image looks kind of so/so in regular light.

The purple color from the black light does not overpower the painting in real life.