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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Slowing Down

 Stop is such a final work effort. Wha tthe heck dows thad mean/ 

 As you might be able to tell, I just woke up.Still trying to pull it together. My writing skills are something that can overtake me, and my keyboard doesn't always co-operate. This apple keyboard is only 11 inches long and just like my Iphone, you need little "Rat Fingers" to type.

 I am enjoying a cup of coffee with tumeric, cinnamon, Ryze™, Laird's Super Creamer™, Hemp milk and powered Swiss Miss™ creamer... what a combo.It gets the stream of conciousness going and kicks things into high gear. Some writers are very selective about thier words instead of trusting the stream of conciousness that flows naturally from thier minds; None of which has anything to do with the cup of coffee I'm enjoying. 

 My best friend from high school has sent me a text that he had an electric cardiogram taken yesterday after he had A-fib. I'm new to this terminology, so when a picture of him lying on a gurney in a hospital was sent to me, it got my attention.I have no idea what the prognosis, diagnosis or if any of these noses are any of my business.I've prayed and am hoping for a speedy recovery, whatever that means.

Right now, I looked away from the keyboard to a magnet on my refrigerator that has a bunch of hearts printed on it. I stopped to realize that I am observing a magnet that is adhered to the refrigerator door and that I am noticing it.Now I am looking at the blinking cursor as I continue to type. Facinating stuff, huh?

My hope is that their is an English major or some copy editor who is reading this and is having a field day restructering my spelling, sentences and punctuation. Have at it.

The image below is another sample of a Neurographics experiment . Incidentally, I'm still on hiatus and will be until further notice.

Over and out.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 Today is July 9, 2024 and I am planning a hiatus. The reason being is that I need a respite from the committee that has filing a affidavit in my head.In other words, the voices that have been dictating my next move have been relentless, and I'm doing an about face by telling them to cool their jets.

However, this is not all fantasy.Change is the order of the day and Now is time, which is spontaneous and in no need of rehersal, coaching or scriptwriting to assist this sprinter out of his block. Incidentally, the 2024 Paris Olympics begin in two weeks!

So, no rock sales will be taking place this weekend in Calistoga or Sebastopol.If you are interested in purchasing a rock, you can reach me directly via email, text or call. I hope that you have a wonderful, joyous and fulfilling summer.

Below is just a sample of my latest creative pursuit...

It's called  "Plant Life"