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Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 Today is July 9, 2024 and I am planning a hiatus. The reason being is that I need a respite from the committee that has filing a affidavit in my head.In other words, the voices that have been dictating my next move have been relentless, and I'm doing an about face by telling them to cool their jets.

However, this is not all fantasy.Change is the order of the day and Now is time, which is spontaneous and in no need of rehersal, coaching or scriptwriting to assist this sprinter out of his block. Incidentally, the 2024 Paris Olympics begin in two weeks!

So, no rock sales will be taking place this weekend in Calistoga or Sebastopol.If you are interested in purchasing a rock, you can reach me directly via email, text or call. I hope that you have a wonderful, joyous and fulfilling summer.

Below is just a sample of my latest creative pursuit...

It's called  "Plant Life"

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