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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Optics and Illusions

Do you like optical illusions? As a youngster, looking at something in a way that altered my perception was intriquing to say the least. Even now, while surfing the net, one can find some videos of  Illusory Imagery Check it out. One might even consider this illusion hallucinogenic ... and no mind altering substances are necessary to appreciate it!

The following painting was done by Russian Artist Yuriy Matrosov


Although the picture above is not really an optical way it is. Trompe L' Oeil ( to fool the eye ) trys to give the illusion of something three dimensional and to place it on a two dimensional surface.Drop shadows are sometimes used to make an image pop off of the surface underneath.

This "Dragons Eye" is always fun to do on larger rocks. The surface has to be flat enough, yet rotund enough to make the eye look real. These have been done these in the past, and are always a bit challenging in trying to get a dimensional and glassy look from the painting. This is this week's "Rock of the Week'.

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