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Friday, March 22, 2024

Gracious Falls

 Yesterday a group of ours went on a wonderful hike up in the hills west of Napa. Little did we realize that there was a beautiful waterfall as we reached one of the peaks before the property descended into Sonoma. I took a couple of my painted rocks with me and hid them in a few spots on our way up.It is always a treat for someone to find one on the trail.Usually there is a small knothole where a branch has fallen off to where one of these rocks can be placed. 

I won't usually pick up rocks that could be used to paint on these hikes. Not because it is private property, but because the rocks are gnarly, as opposed to the ones that are flat and smooth that can be found on the coast.However I did find one that caught my eye lying in a creek bed.The texture was appealing so it was added to a collection of specialized rocks are just appear interesting just the way they are.


Monday, March 4, 2024

Rock Stars

 For a long time now, I've been telling folks that I will be posting a "Rock of the Week". This has been a regular feature for a long time ( going back to 2010 ). Sometimes, I go off on a tangent and get caught up in the creative process and only get back to my blog when the time presents itself.This pursuit has been a joy, insofar as I have had the opportunity to meet people from many other states and countries. It seems that everyone has a story about rocks that they either have painted themselves or have collected over the years. It is especially touching, how youngsters find these items so captivating whether they find one at a park or on a beach. Below are some of the rock stars who have come by my booth at the local farmer's markets.So, instead of the "Rock of the Week" I'm featuring some "Rock Stars" who have happened by my table.