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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Q. What do I do with my Spirit Rock?
A. Use it as a placeholder in a book or as a paperweight on your desktop or nightstand. Have it be a reminder tool by putting it by the front door when you want to remember something.
Q.Will it make me a more spiritual person?
A.There is no guarantee here. In the past, Shamans and priests have used rocks a way of connecting with their ancestors in tribal rituals.Today, people use these rocks as meditation devices for centering and focusing. Some say that it helps them quiet their mind and free their spirit.
Q.Can I use it as a night light?
A. The luminescent glow is activated by regular light, and only lasts a short time.Therefore it cannot be used as a night light.
Q. Is it safe to put in water?
A. No. Although the paints used are non-toxic, the surface can soften very easily and dissolve in water. Therefore it is wise to keep it in a soft cloth or bag.