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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Rock of the Week

My friends, David and Laura Wallis let me set up a booth next to their stand at the Enchanted Village Fair at the Stonebridge school in the Carneros region south of Napa. I arrived around 2PM as I set up next to them and a "dunking" machine, where students and family members threw softballs at a target which, when struck would release the seat which left the participant in a large tub of water.Kids loved this because even teachers found themselves targeted as they sat on the seat waiting for some "lucky" student to strike the panel which dropped the poor victim into the drink.The fair had an Arthurian theme which was reminiscent of the Knights of the Round Table, with wooden swords, dragons, wizards and fair maidens.The rocks I sold were a good fit, because of their timeless quality.

David created a compelling design awhile ago of a folded heart sculpture made of steel. I thought of a way to make this piece somewhat utilitarian by having him cut an inverted hole in the middle of the fold to support business cards or even a rock like the one shown below. I hope that he is able to generate more of these pieces in the future, because of their attractiveness and usefulness.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rock of the week

Wow!What a week it has been. Having returned from the Unity Festival on the Russian River,My Spirit has been Rocked ! This was my first Reggae festival, and it proved to be beyond my expectations.Admittedly, I wanted the Spirit Rocks to be a big hit there, and they were.Many people came up to inquire about them,so it was understandable that they wanted to take their time before making a purchase.I think their was a bit of mutual reluctance because of our general appearances. Most of the attendees were Rastafarians or lookalikes, and usually adopt an unconventional appearance (i.e.dreadlocks,tattoos,body piercings,etc).This may have been my projection, but I probably looked to some like an old straight dude doing a weekend undercover surveillance gig.

The music was undeniably good.I haven’t enjoyed much Reggae since my exposure to people like Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff many years ago.All groups were accomplished in their own way.A special acknowledgement has to go to Kush County,Irie Fuse,Marlon Asher,Mishka,Roots Underground,Irie Love,Highest Intention,Sol Horizon and The Steppas.These were musicians that came from as far away as the Pacific Islands, Jamaica and Africa.Impressive, no doubt.

Most of the vendors were suppliers of utensils,clothing,jewelry,art and really great food. I had a Eggplant sandwich that was off the charts.Fish Tacos, Tri-tip,Crepes and Italian ices were just part of the fare.Children and oldsters were all there.Plenty of activities aside from camping, dancing and swimming were available. People threw frisbies,played tetherball,spun hula hoops and even went canoeing on the Russian River. A good time was had by all.

Look at this guy doing a fire swing dance to the music playing in the background. too cool!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Legends and Lore

A cool little gift shop is re-opening in Downtown Napa! Artists David and Laura Wallis have transformed the Legends and Lore gift shop into a quaint,specialized gift shop featuring everything from Dreamcatchers,T-shirts,Jewelry,Hanging art pieces, Sculpture, Hand-painted gift rocks,and a whole assortment of fascinating items that harken from "Days of Olde" to the present.If you are in the market for a unique gift then come and check this place out.An artist reception for the art displayed there will be held on Saturday, September 21st, from 6 to 8PM. All are welcome.Just go to the Napa Town Center on First street behind Sushi Mambo.Do it!