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Friday, September 2, 2016

Rock of the Month

Okay,so I've decided to post this as "The Rock of the Month" only because I have been unable to keep up with this blog. It has been a long busy summer, and just keeping the inventory stocked has been challenging.The popularity of these items has surprised me from the beginning, and it sparks my curiosity to see which rocks move.Especially those which one may consider to be "abstract".

Figurative pieces like a dragonfly or a cat may be popular only in the sense that people would identify with them.Initially however, these rocks were meant for meditation.As such, concentric designs have been the most prolific.Size,texture,weight,color,glow,shine and "Feel" have been the characteristics that people consider when choosing a rock.When I say "Feel" people may look at me funny, but in a sense, every rock is individualized,even without adorning it with a specific color or texture.

Most of the rocks are smooth and flat enough to paint on.The rocks are for the most part,symmetrical to add uniformity to each piece.The rock featured below has a hologram in the center to add dimensionality to it.

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