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Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Keeping this Coupon"

I have a little coupon on my bulletin board that has been tacked up there for over a year. A neighborhood kid came by collecting donations for a raffle that the local elementary school was having.The winner was going to be announced that following day.However, it was brought to my attention that I "Must be present to win". Hmmmm... okay, I'm down with that, but if I am not there,another number will be called and I will be plain out of luck as they say.

That got me to thinking, "Must be present to win". Isn't that true in life as well? Every day do we "Suit up and Show" up at our jobs,school or other places of business dragging our feet, not really being present?

It is important to be present wherever we are.Awareness is the first step in being conscious of our actions, so it is certainly to our advantage to"Keep this Coupon" and be "Present to Win". By the way, the coupon is still pinned to my bulletin board as a reminder.The rock below is a symbol of that presence that is in all of us.

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