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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

With Doilies !

  My friend Veda crocheted a lovely doily some time ago and just recently sent me another one. I have found that these items are just the absolute best thing to have under your Spirit Rock on a coffee table or mantle. For one thing, the wooden vaneer will not be scratched and your rock will be properly displayed.

  The other thing that adds value to this item is the fact that like the rock itself, it also glows in the dark! (with or without the activation of a UV blacklight). 

  Just like the stars that adorn a child's bedroom ceiling, the doily and rock will continue to glow after the lights are turned off. Naturally, the brilliance of these items make for a one-of-a-kind showcase piece.

  Hopefully, we will be able to feature the glowing doilies along with "Your Spirit Rocks!™" sometime soon at our local Farmer's Market. Veda says that she will take a look into this as being a possibility. 

Below, they are featured just underneath the Rock of the Week!

One: Regular Light, 

Two: UV Light and 

Three: Glowing on it's own.

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