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Monday, August 7, 2023

What we own

  What we own also owns us.Concious generosity and striving for simplicity is the answer for some . Doing a physical inventory of our belongings will reveal our memories and attachments. Keeping things simple in this way is a bigger problem than what we may think. With the advent of the internet, staying focused on the present has been something of a challenge. Attending to those events,updates, texts and emails... Is it all really necessary? Do I need to go out to get this new gadget? Will having the lastest post, like, or comment on social media have any real effect on the quality of our relationships? Perhaps, but all this liking has got me thinking... how is this specifically contributing to our personal growth, and value as critical thinkers?

The less I know, the more I think I have to. 

  A weird sense of time urgency has taken over. I'm no longer missing what's going on out in the world, because it's all there at my discretion and dismissal.This is how we in the West have been trained to think for decades... and if thoughts are things, we are in big trouble.

  There is so much around that has to be sifted through and discarded. There is a lack of storage space not just physically, but in our heads! I think that we are in need of an external hard drive for our brains! 

  You don't have to miss anything of importance if you can go back, sift through it and make sense of it all.We now have the tools to become so much more expedient in our research and assertions. The problem then becomes what is called the "Deep Fake". Ever since AI has come to the fore, we now have to prepare ourselves for that which may have been a falsehood or a questionable story in the beginning. An advert quote recalled from the past... "Is it live or is it Memorex?" Good question. Time to examine things a lot more closely.

Below is this week's "Rock of the Week". It is one from the past which did draw much attention on my table at the Farmer's Market.

So I dolled it up a bit.

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