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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Someone brought up the idea of Gratitude today as the Saturday Farmer's Market was getting started. It has been my experience that this is the best way to get through the day (... and life for that matter ).Many studies have been done around this topic, and even though it is not always the easiest thing to "tap" into, once a person has cultivated this attitude, miracles begin to happen.

Whenever I take the time to examine my conscience,To do a "spot-check" inventory to see where I am with my feelings of gratitude; It makes for a good barometer to see where I am out of sorts, or unable to be in alignment with my higher purpose.If you are low on the gratitude scale, may I suggest that you take some time out and focus on those things which you are thankful for; Simple things like "a good meal" or even "a smile from a neighbor"... then see where that takes you.

The picture above is one that really showcases what Your Spirit Rocks should look like after they have been sitting under a bright light for awhile.The glow will usually last for about five seconds before it begins to fade. The rocks still can be seen throughout the night,and will help guide your way in the dark (and hopefully through dark times).This is my wish for every person that has one.

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