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Monday, December 20, 2010

Inspired by the glow

Today I am following a new direction in my artwork. The emphasis will be on glowing. I like things that glow, reflect, refract or otherwise direct light in a visually pleasing manner.Mostly, things that either glow, sparkle, twinkle, shine from the outside or inside either right before dawn or just after dusk. This is why early Spring and early Fall are my favorite times of the year.As much as I enjoy the coziness of Winter, I must say that it is very much like the dog days of summer, where boredom and ennui creeps in and longs for change... any change. The Spirit Rocks were just a start. I am interested in creating something perhaps in 3-D, that will provide a sense of wonderment for a small child. Christmas tree lights and the fascination with glowing things are prevalent this time of the year. My apartment has several electronic gadgets that support my computers that have small colored lights of red, green and blue. Sometimes I think that it is because of these lights that I have all the computers. They just look so cool !

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