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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Something like a monk

   Ever since the Covid Pandemic, "Cocooning" in my apartment has been how I spend most of my days. Keep in mind that i'm not feeling sorry for myself, or that I am intentionally isolating.It's how I roll.My day starts with some prayer, and on Thursdays and Fridays, I attend mass at the local church. Around ten, and after a large cup of coffee it is the time to get going on those creative pursuits. Prior to this, the preparation and enjoyment of a fulfilling breakfast always fits the bill.

    A nice selection of music, be it classical, R&B or meditation, having this in the background provides an uplifting experience as I approach my studio bench. Perhaps even a podcast to enjoy will also fit the bill. Preparing rocks with Gesso™ is the first step taken in what will eventually render a well-crafted rock.

    Having a focus and intention of pursuing beauty in whatever form it will take,inspires the process of creativity.At times,the process will introduce to me a lot of challenges that, unless addressed as opportunities for learning, a frustrating mess will ensue. Below is this week's Rock of the Week. It's a color saturated rock with glowing green hearts.

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