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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Heat goes on...

 Today the temperature is moderate. This afternoon will hit 90°.Tomorrow and throughout the weekend it is forecasted to be in triple digits. Saturday's market will find me under a tree with a lot of water bottles, sunscreen and a water sprayer in the attempts to cool myself or anyone who happens by the Your Spirit Rocks!™ booth. The rocks get hot in the sun, and sometimes too hot to handle. However, having the sun on them brings out the bling factor. This, plus the glow makes these rocks unusual collectibles.

    Many of the locals arrive early to purchase fish, vegetables and fruit to bring home. By eleven, the tourists start to arrive. Some will purchase a gift rock to bring home to the kids, as these items travel nicely and usually won't get absconded by T.S.A. agents at the airport for carrying something illegal. 

    Some will ask, "What do I need a rock for, anyway?" This question can only be left to the imagination, which pre-supposes the next question... " What better object can we hold in our hand that would fire the imagination?" It has been told that Steve Jobs had an interesting story about rocks and team building. This is the short video here:

  Below is this week's "Rock of the Week". It is done with alcohol ink, which gives one a similar effect as would an acrylic pour which is usually done on a larger scale. The second image of course is what the same rock looks like under a black light. I was surprised to see that the yellow and red colors are UV reactive.


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