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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Rave on

   It is already 2024 and if I had any idea that I would still be painting and decorating rocks after thirteen years, I would say you were crazy. It certainly has been a learning experience for me and will hope that I continue to find new inspirations and lessons. 

  Lately, I've been branching out a little by painting these round wooden discs that I got at the Dollar Tree™, which is one of my favorite places to buy odds and ends. I've used the basic black for the primary coat and have been doing a preliminary sketch right on the board. Then i trace over the lines using a metallic gold puff paint. Flourescent green and fuscia are a powerful combination of color. It looks great under a black light ( of course )

  The butterfly theme sort of evolved. I love the sinewy strokes representing the some otherworldly flowers. These flowering plants cannot be found in reality, unless someone knows something that I don't. It was never clear to me as the composition evolved, it just sort of happened.

  We are not featuring the Rock of the Week for now, but it will return as soon as I venture forward with some new designs.

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