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Friday, February 16, 2024

Back to my future


Occasionally I like to go out in the woods to hide some rocks. If I find a little spot kind of hidden away, I place a rock there for some youngster to find.Perhaps it will be someone who just wants a little souvenier. In either case, this is a gift that I want to pass on. Hopefully, it will travel to a place where it ends up holding down a stack of important notes, or maybe just a door stop.Either way, it is meant to be passed on. One must probably wonder where all the treasures that they have collected as a youth ended up.

Obviously, if they were real treasures, they would be keepsakes and may travel through the years to new horizons.As a kid,I went to the Y.M.C.A. in our town to an event where we got to fill a large container with objects that young kids would find fascinating.Objects like a spark-plug , a skeleton key, caps, marbles, a quarter, and the like.These items were buried in a time capsule on an island not far from the mainland.

 Eventually, they would be dug up by some future generation to see what children found interesting in those days. I only I wish I could have been there when/if it was to be dug up. 

 A few years back I traveled to the town of my birth to speak with someone at the local paper to see if they had a follow up story on a picture that was posted in their paper at that time. Apparently, they regretfully had not. Below is a picture of that event... 


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