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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Distraction and creativity

  I've been listening to an audiobook about the creative act. It seems that a lot of people don't think that they are creative. I would contend that they may be confusing being artistic with being creative. We are all creative to some extent, and the ability isn't on a scale of proficiency. The creative act is simply that. One creates when one employs the awareness that they are creating.

  It may be confusing as to how one will manifest their creative expression, but even on the most minute level, creativity allows for choices that are made moment by moment. Yes, demonstrating that blueberry pancake recipe you took from a Betty Crocker cookbook, involves choosing that particular mixing bowl that you mother passed on to you as a vehicle for containing the ingredients.The mere fact that it is porcelain instead of steel may be considered a creative diversion. Artistic, probably not.

  The aforementioned may be a bit of a stretch, but using your power in making choices to render certain outcomes is a creative exercise.Losing track in the process of choice-making is difficult when we assess our behavior as a mistaken attempt.

 The renowned chef, author and T.V. personality Julia Child is a case in point. When she accidentally dropped a dish (or) prematurely added an ingredient out of sequence, she would remark,"... If you can't fix it, feature it ! ".Thus some may conclude that there is no room for mistakes and that spontaneity is always the pitfall of a creative pursuit. Nonsense! Improvisations are all a part of the creative process, of which distractions are inevitable.

Below is a recent attempt at Art Nouveau (done on a wood panel, not on a rock as of yet )

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