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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Conformity and balance

  It is not unusual for me to paint a rock and add a design that intentionally conforms to the shape of the rock.Usually the work can be symmetrical, as the look will retain some semblance of balance.The rocks below were painted with a gold puff paint which doesn't include that regular glow-in-the-dark feature.The strokes are modified with an exacto knife that sweeps to a point, as if applied using a very small brush.The rock is then dried and clear-coated with resin,for a high gloss finish and water-proof protection.

  These stones are pocket size and are intended for use as a meditation device,or what one may call a "Worry Stone" to alleviate anxiety. It can be used to calm the nerves as it is rubbed with your fingers before making a speech or watching a closely contested sports event. Usually any activity which may produce an uncomfortable sense of dread, which is only human when anticipating certain outcomes.

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