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Monday, June 24, 2013

Trust the Process

My friend who lives not far from me wrote this letter about his sister who is undergoing surgery for some cysts that have appeared on her ovaries.I had painted a rock with the words,"Trust the Process" that he was to give to her for her birthday.

He writes the following...

Chris,It looks like my sister has to have her overies removed.Thanks for coming up with the slogan, “Trust the Process”.Below is a letter I sent to her after what I researched on my own.These cysts are in the ovaries,so she runs the risk of them burst.So this is not a great place to have cysts.Period

He writes... So Amy …… I'd suggest going through with the operation to be on the safe side.I’m sorry you have to go through this terrible ordeal.But at least it is a standard operation.Trust the process! Your guides wanted you to have that message that is why they led me to the stone. My friend who I had make the stone design came up with the idea of “Trust the Process”.It immediately resonated with me for some reason. Now I know why. You met him before in the restaurant at the resort.My neighbor,Chris.

You're lucky.When I had my operation the doctor wasn’t even sure what the hell he was going to do! Be glad your not having someone doing an improvisation experiment with only hunches as YOUR life is hanging on a thread and half your colon removed... Then losing it on the table, and being lost for three months (in and out of consciousness and reoccurring seizures).

Note:He is referring here to his own experience with personal surgery.

Death is always to my left and never lets me forget it. Be it a warning to take control of your own health with prevention. Your’ll be fine ……you have a ways to go yet.

Love, Jay

Much energy will be sent to you. No need to be scared.

Trust the process!

I keep my friend's sister in my best thoughts and prayers as I hope you do too.

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