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Monday, July 1, 2013

Anticipating a Fabulous Fourth

It is only Monday, but today the heat wave that has been around the entire weekend continues.I finally turned on my air conditioner,as the fans were only blowing around hot air at this point.Saturday was a good market in spite of the heat. I met some nice folks from other parts of the country who were visiting Calistoga for the first time.I had a few new rocks to showcase, but not a lot.I will have to start refreshing my inventory if I am going to have something for my regular customers to add to their collections.

Thursday is the Fourth, and the Fair is well underway. I suspect we will have the Sprint cars and explosions keeping all the neighborhood dogs hiding under their masters' bed by night fall.I do have some concern for those animals that have no idea what is going on,but FEEL everything.Something to think about.

The picture below is of a rock I plan on making. I saw this design on someone's t-shirt and thought it looked quite "fetching" if you will excuse the pun. Have a great Independence Day everyone !

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