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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

All wrapped up !

These rocks were some of the early creations that were a result of my trips to the ocean. My friend Veda has thought to enhance the rocks by wrapping them in colored wire that she bought at a craft shop in Guerneville. One can take these to the next level by exploring other ways to embellish or showcase them.

Last year, I decided to scan several rocks and make poster size images out of them. These were eventually shown at a one-man show at the local library in St. Helena, CA.I had no idea how regal the rocks looked after scanning them and noticing all the great detail the digital format provides.

Photographing them, and placing them in previous drawn pictures via Photoshop produced some interesting compositions like the one below, which was made into a gift card. Creativity is only limited by your imagination and the tools you have available.

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  1. That is so true. Your creativity inspired my creativity. I combined two things that I love; your rocks and noodling around with wire. These are not perfect works of art but they are fun and colorful. I say, do what you love and remember that not everything turns out as we plan but fodder for future reference.