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Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Week's Rock

My good friend Veda took me to this great Japanese Dollar-fifty department store called "Daiso" in the Serramonte Shopping Center in South San Francisco off of Hwy. 280. We got there about ten minutes before closing and found these great little collectible boxes that would fit some of my favorite rocks perfectly.

I can always count on Veda to find me some great deals and fun products.A bit later, we went to a Carnival near Mill Valley where we watched kids go down a super slide and ride the Ferris Wheel. She was drawn to the games of chance, and immediately bought a bucket of ping-pong balls to toss into these glass jars which would win her a stuffed animal.She even gave me a couple to toss. After spending about five bucks with no winning tosses we moved on. We did however, win a blow-up baseball bat and a tiny gold fish at the next game of chance. She chose to name the little fish "Ichi-ban" after the Japanese stores we had visited.Veda is just so cute and happy.

She is totally in love with that fish,too.The picture below is of her in her moment of glory.

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