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Friday, June 2, 2023

Rinse and Repeat

 Okay. So perhaps you've seen a few of my designs repeated and appearing on the table at the Farmer's Market. Pursuing excellence, and the repitition of visually appealing designs have a way of honing one's skills. Admittedly, the best work and those rocks that have sold well, have kept production time to a minimum. Twenty-five to thirty-five hours a week painting rocks, are far and away enough to foster new ideas in keeping the creative juices flowing.

Here's an example of one such rock...

What can I say? I'm dancing as fast as I can.

For every rock I sell, a new one has to take it's place. I've painted and have sold over a million rocks in the thirteen years since I painted the first rock. (See the framed piece below)

The point made is that repitition is the work worked, or more accurately, " The work performed" . In Latin, this is known as "Ex opere operato". The question begs to ask, " Does ritual and repitition breed excellence or is it merely an obsession?" Is the work done in vain, or does it serve a higher purpose... other than survival by virtue of monetary providence? Finding joy in the activity is providential but not always satisfying. These are questions I ask myself.

Below is this week's Rock of the week...

"Galaxy and the Little Bang"

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