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Monday, May 4, 2020

Gazing through Phases

Artists tend to embark on personal journeys of refinement. This means that they usually require a variety of resources from which to draw. Materials and methods aside, artists look for something that sets them apart. Perhaps an assurance that what they are doing has all the hallmarks of original creative expression. The originality here is a key concept. What is original? Is it a product or the process that created it? These questions border on philosophical discussions that weren't intended when I began to write this blog.

If anything, this blog has been a catalog of what has been produced from the beginning. The time spent foraging suitable rocks to paint in an effort to find some purpose, or quest for a purpose perhaps. Needless to say, it has been hopeful, exciting, adventuresome, and even maddening at times.

Every rock I've painted has been different in some ways. Some are unique, some similar, some inspired, some routine, some experimental, some keepers, some discards. Some to be gifted, some to be hidden, some to use as a talisman, some to be displayed in either light or most especially in darkness under a UV light. All of them have had something to offer in the process of my own evolution as a creative illuminator as I like to think of myself ( although my sister thinks this title is cheesy and lame ) Below is yet another of my creative illuminations (no blacklight necessary) It is not a painted rock, either.

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