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Thursday, May 25, 2017

This Week's Rock of the Week

My experiments in 3D art forms have been fun an challenging. This design is one that I have drawn in sketch pads for some time,and have found it very intriguing. The spiral is an ancient symbol for gathering and centering.The spiral can also serve anyone who wants an image with which to focus, prior to achieving a meditative state. It has also been effective for the amusement of youngsters and magicians.

Whether you are a meditator or not, viewing a spiral can have a mesmerizing effect. Comic books used to sell and item that was called a "Hypno-coin".This playful come-on had many a youngster sending their entire allowance to get a hold of one of these devices. My rock design is just a spiral made to look dimensional.Under a blacklight it takes on a beautiful color and can be quite stunning.

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