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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shells in the dark

My friends Jennifer and Matt have been very generous in supplying me with an assortment of Scallop Shells. My friend Bill has been requesting to purchase these almost as fast as I can make them! Between the supply and demand, my little rock business has taken on a whole new direction... painted shells !

I wanted to take this one step further than just painting them in such a way as to have them glow in the dark or burst in color (like the one below) under a black light.These shells could also be functional. Aha! glue a night light to the back of the shell !

This idea was exciting to say the least, but then I thought about replacing the regular night light bulb with a black light bulb.Unfortunately, Christmas tree lights and outdoor lights did not come in that pure purple color that illuminates the florescent paint so nicely.Perhaps they will in the future, but not now.

When the night light shell is turned on, it becomes translucent from the back, thereby reducing the brightness of your traditional night light.These lights are not motion activated, they must be turned on and off with the little switch at the bottom. Like anything that is in development, these items hopefully will continue be something that "Your Spirit Rocks!" will be able to offer.Please keep in mind that the image below is being showcased by having a separate black light shining on the shell from the FRONT. Yes, we have to have truth in advertising, even if this is just a blog

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