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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marching on through winter

Next Monday I am having my humble abode painted. This has presented a bit of a stall with the contractor who has other apartments to complete before he gets to mine.

We are still expecting rain here in the northbay and this has put a damper on projects like sprucing up an apartment that has acquired 20+ years of rugged use.

February has been the wettest month on record said the reporter on the car radio this morning.Today however,is beautiful and sunny.It is the beginning of March,and somehow this past winter not been the most joyous season for a lot of people.Several wish that they could go hibernate in a cave somewhere,sometime after Halloween; Happily re-emerging around St. Patrick's Day! Spring and Fall are favored because of the usually moderate temperatures and longer days.

Visiting the beach has been hampered by large waves and severe weather.Russian Gulch is blocked by a river (which is usually a creek) because of the accumulated rainfall.It will probably be the middle May before it will be safe to wade across a lower level stream to get to the beach.Once there,the crashing waves and abundance of vitality makes this a sacred place to visit.Try this for a way of rejuvenating your drooping spirit.

If you so choose... a landscaping company on River Road sells smooth Mexican Pebbles to use for rock painting upon returning home after a cold and wet winter day at the beach.Pictured above is the inlet from the Ocean to the creek that has been mentioned in this post.

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