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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love comes alive in February

It's only the second of February as I write this, and already I am sensing a powerful shift emerging. This Spring is going to be unlike any other! The wet weather has been a long time coming and the rivers,lakes and streams are fresh and alive with unlimited potential.Go out and welcome the water splashing down over the many rocks that are collecting their energetic force.If you are reading this and haven't taken the time to go outside, then this is the time to do it.The lush green that can be found in the forests close by will beckon you to come explore.

Walking through Bothe State Park is one of my favorite activities, most any time of the year, but during this time hiking may seem a bit foreboding.Grey days and seemingly barren trees only fool us into thinking that winter is going to last forever.Hold on though, because Spring will burst forth gloriously! Do the right thing and get your butt outside in NATURE, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I like February also because of Valentine's Day.That day is such a wonderful gift for all of us to be reminded that Love is the Divine force of the universe.Love is the operative word here,because on some level it is available to all, if we have the desire to share it.So, get with it!

It is my hope that whoever is reading this will be motivated to Love, and not just hope that it will happen sometime soon. The time is now, and like hope, Love also springs eternal.Now go for what you know!

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