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Monday, March 31, 2014

Wildlife and nature

This weeks rock(s) are a few custom rocks that I did for someone who came by to visit Calistoga a two weeks ago. The weekend was wet again on Saturday, but you won't hear any complaints around here.The water is needed and hopefully by the end of this month we will have enough to get us through the summer season. Being the driest year on record has worried a lot of vintners because as you might guess, no water... no wine!

I am inside today painting some rocks that I hope will be more, better or at least different from those I've done in the past. Although figurative images like the ones below are not my forte´ They are a departure from what I've done of late.The bear was said to look a bit "tubular" and I have altered it a little after a friend criticized it. The eagle was not as difficult to paint as I thought it would be.

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