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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Give it away to keep it!

These rocks have always been a gift.The way they feel in my hand...the roundness, the weight, the smooth (or rough) texture.The rock has always been a symbol of strength and solidarity. It is my contention that your rock chooses you.Sometimes, if feels good just to skip one across the water or stack one on top of another.Rocks are like good ideas that form in the mind and take shape.Once a rock is passed on, it continues it's journey.

Your rock may end up miles away from where it originated.It may be ground into sand or smaller pieces in service to to a slab of concrete or other building material.It may just end up as a paper-weight on your desk or window sill.If the rock is not meant for you, you will know it.Pass it on to someone who notices it for whatever reason.

Like our children, these are products of life longing for itself.These contain an energy that can neither be created or destroyed.

~Kalil Gibran~

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