Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Begins

June 20th found me out at the beach near Jenner. I was joined by my extended family as we savored a delicious lunch of Salmon and Arugula sandwiches.Later,we headed up the road to a secluded beach where we followed a path to a enchanting,rocky cove.There we collected many rocks of all sizes.My relatives were most helpful in finding the smoothest,roundest,most flat, and perfectly-sized sandstones ever.These were the exact type used later in the "Your Spirit Rocks!" creations.After we bid our goodbyes they continued travelling on up the coast to Fort Bragg,a long, winding road trip 100 miles further.

Below is a large rock that was painted for my neighbor Kathy, whose sister is in need of prayers and spiritual consolation.Her totem is an owl, which was styled after a drawing that Kathy handed me to reinterpret on a large sandstone rock.

Monday, June 20, 2016

This week's Rock of the Week

Here I have been saying to recent purchasers of my rocks to visit this blog site to view "The Rock of the Week" and it has been weeks since I've posted this ongoing feature.I try to do this on a consistent basis but admittedly will sometimes get behind. Not so much on painting the rocks themselves, but on finding a suitable rock for posting.The rocks don't always get photographed, and are subsequently sold before they are added to my inventory. This Spring has been a busy season for me now that I am working two popular markets on a regular basis.

So... what you see below is a rock of many colors that aren't really apparent until you turn out the lights and put it under a black light.This particular rock is painted with a high grade phosphorescent paint, with a glow that will keep throughout the night if held under a regular light for thirty seconds.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sebastopol Sundays

Lately, I have been enjoying participating in the Farmer's Market on Sunday on the town square in Sebastopol. The vendors and the people are just great.The market manager always seems to be able to squeak me in at the last minute, because I am not yet part of the regular membership. After setting up, I usually settle in with a nice cup of coffee and some conversation with few of the regulars.Around ten in the morning the music starts and suddenly the place comes alive. Lots of kids, parents, shoppers and dare I say, hippies. Yes, this is where the colorful bohemians have found refuge.

The place has a personality all it's own and the locals take pride in their town.It's not that hard to find either. Just head west on highway 12 past Stony Point road and you will run right into it. If you enjoy exotic food and the best people watching spot in northern California, then the Sebastopol market is for you.

Below is a picture of this week's Rock of the Week

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Rock Poem

This poem was sent to me from my friend, Martha Casselman.It was apparently written by a young person named Celeste (and don't know if it is her niece, grand daughter or whomever) but it is a very endearing poem, nonetheless.Martha appreciates creative excellence wherever she finds it.About a month ago, she hosted a wonderful party for local artists.Some of her friends are accomplished artists, others a just friends who appreciate the arts.We are fortunate to have a person like Martha as part of our community here in Calistoga.

Monday, May 9, 2016

This Week's Rock

Here we have a rock that is what one might call state of the art. It has a "Blingy" holographic disc in the center, and high grade luminous paint around the outside.Being that the rock is painted white with a thin veneer of interference green, one would think that the glowing paint turns all green when set aglow.Nope. It features blue,orange and then green glowing highlights in the pitch darkness (see second pic below). This is the same rock as the one above it!

Something I've added on the other side is what seemingly looks like nothing, except that invisible ink and has been used to create a design that is not viewable except under a black light.Now,how cool is that? See these fabulous rocks on display next time you visit the Farmer's Market.


In Pitch Darkness

Under a Blacklight

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This Week's Rock

This week's rock is a simple motif featuring a silver butterfly in the middle of a dark blue background. This week I've been experimenting with Gelly pens that come in many colors and styles...glitter, metallic etc. I went ahead and purchased several florescent colors, which are used on this rock to accent the area surrounding the butterfly's blue background. These pens will smear on the surface of the rock if they are not clear-coated with a UV Krylon Spray. However,after that is applied, the results look spectacular under a black light. The symbol of the butterfly is a popular one during the Easter Season, as it represents transformation, freedom and redemption.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Rock that awaits

This Rock is what will greet you on the beach at Russian Gulch. I have fond memories already, of climbing up the rock and sitting on it and looking out at the ocean.It has been a presence there throughout the year.Perhaps it was always there.Perhaps even before the continental shelf was formed.One time, their was a rock found nearby that was shaped like a heart (see below).My friend Tina took a picture of me sitting with this held in my hand happily upon the big rock. The heart rock was left on that spot because it belonged there.

Plain and simple.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Labyrinth

Yesterday, I met with my friend Marnie Cunningham.We worked together at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St.Helena.She is a very warm-hearted person who is known and loved by many people in the town of St. Helena where she lives.Marnie and I have stayed in touch over the years and she has recently moved on from her position as Concierge at the C.I.A.

Well, yesterday we met for coffee and afterwards went down the street to the Episcopal church where a new Labyrinth had been constructed.It was about three in the afternoon when we set out to "walk the path" of this entire maze which lay before us.All in all, it took about 20 minutes(I am guessing, because the experience of time took on a curious point of focus for the both of us)

Then after we had traversed the path to completion, we reflected on what it meant to do this exercise.Interestingly, we both agreed that it felt spiritual and significant in a way that was not easy to articulate.She remarked that it was a good thing that I was wearing my "Spirit Rock" pendant, which I always seem to have on. Not thinking too much about it,I came to realize that I had one very similar one in my car which would be a perfect gift for Marnie.

She accepted it graciously and it now represents a certain spiritual bond that we both can share. I am truly grateful for our time as co-workers, but more importantly, our time spent as friends.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reflections about the Blarney Stone

Erin go braugh, and Happy St. Patty's day! Being Irish as the day is long, I felt it was appropriate to post a little green Irish rock.We could call it the "Blarney Stone"but that name is already taken. The original Blarney Stone is on the uppermost level of the Blarney castle in County Cork, Ireland. It is said that the "Kissing the Blarney Stone" provides one with the "Gift of Eloquence." It's powers are unquestioned but its story still creates debate.

Once upon a time, visitors had to be held by the ankles and lowered head first over the battlements. Today, the locals are more cautious of the safety of it's visitors. The Stone itself is still set in the wall below the battlements. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards (holding on to an iron railing) from the parapet walk.Some claim that this was the same stone that gushed water when struck by Moses. Some say it was Jacob's Pillow, brought to Ireland by the prophet Jeremiah.Here it became the Lia Fail or "Fatal Stone", used as an oracular throne of Irish kings.

Others say that the stone was brought back to Ireland during the Crusades,and was the deathbed pillow of St. Columba.Legend also says it served as having the prophetic power of royal succession (i.e.the Stone of Destiny)

Below are pictures of the Blarney stone and below that,the little green rock painted to celebrate the feast day of St.Patrick. A four-leafed clover would not be appropriate, even though most people search for these items to bring them good luck.The three-leafed shamrock however, is a symbol of the Blessed Trinity which was explained to be the three manifestations of the one God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).Allegedly by St.Patrick

So, after reading all this, Did you wear your green today, or did you get pinched by a mischievious leprechaun? Remember to wear green and kept my eye out for those pesky leprechauns who may surprise you when your least expect it!