Friday, April 21, 2017

This Week's Rock of the Week

So much has been happening. This past week the St. Helena Library featured a Rock painting session for people to paint and hide rocks near the library. Several kids ( both young and old ) participated and left some of the rocks seen below for others to enjoy.New rock painting groups are forming on Facebook all the time.

This is wonderful how kids and families enjoy this sort of activity and local groups are forming to support this effort. One of these groups started in the city of Napa and now has several thousand members on their Facebook page Naparocks The Facebook page for Calistoga Rocks is still growing and welcomes new members.

Anyway, this weeks Rock is an Owl rock, painted for a dear friend who left it as a memorial for their loved one at a sacred place in Hawaii. I was so happy to paint this rock and have it brought for this person to see before their passing (see the last image in the series below )

Friday, April 7, 2017

This Week's Rock(s) of the Week

Happy Easter! today I have put together a group of rocks that have inspired me in different ways. Naturally, the butterfly is a symbol of resurrection which is fitting for the holiday.The rock on top is of a vortex.The three rings of dots form an entry into another realm; Another way of seeing things...a higher realm.

The rocks on the right and left are what I call "Diamond Daisies" as both are in the shape of a diamond (Baseball Diamonds for Spring?) as well having as a daisy in the middle to symbolize a common Spring flower.

Springtime has been a little slow arriving, with a few stops and starts (i.e. The frequent storms that have been revisiting us) but the anticipation of new life bursting forth is what was intended to be communicated with these stones.

Monday, March 27, 2017

This Week's Rock of the Week

The color is white, and all the glow paint is white.However, when the lights are out and the black light is turned on, a whole other color profile appears.The second slide is what it looks like under a black light, and the third slide is what the rock looks like in complete darkness.It is exciting to observe these transitions while building the design for the rock that is featured here.A new product has emerged on the scene which comes in a Montana spray can, which is called UV Effects. This product goes on clear, but when exposed to a black light, the spray painted area appears blue. If you are a graffiti artist who wishes to remain anonymous, this product is for you.In other words, you won't be able to see you markings against a building until you put a black light beam on the results. Good luck with your tagging exploits.It looks like this can of UV Effects will bring about some creative challenges moving forward.Artistry comes with practise.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

This Week's Rock of the Week

Okay, so I've been somewhat slack on getting these rocks online, but it's not because I haven't been busy.This past week has been tumultuous.My studio and apartment have been painted, rugs and linoleum replaced. Wow! what an ordeal when you have to move a quarter of a century worth of stuff from one room to the other.Whew! Anyway, because of this, rock painting has been scaled back to a minimum.The good news is that I have a pretty cool one to show.It is my hope that you enjoy it.It's called "Blue Star" for obvious reasons.The center is a foil star that was added and the outside is blue interference paint.This rock is a keeper and will sit on my nightstand until someone makes me an offer I can't refuse !

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marching on through winter

Next Monday I am having my humble abode painted. This has presented a bit of a stall with the contractor who has other apartments to complete before he gets to mine.

We are still expecting rain here in the northbay and this has put a damper on projects like sprucing up an apartment that has acquired 20+ years of rugged use.

February has been the wettest month on record said the reporter on the car radio this morning.Today however,is beautiful and sunny.It is the beginning of March,and somehow this past winter not been the most joyous season for a lot of people.Several wish that they could go hibernate in a cave somewhere,sometime after Halloween; Happily re-emerging around St. Patrick's Day! Spring and Fall are favored because of the usually moderate temperatures and longer days.

Visiting the beach has been hampered by large waves and severe weather.Russian Gulch is blocked by a river (which is usually a creek) because of the accumulated rainfall.It will probably be the middle May before it will be safe to wade across a lower level stream to get to the beach.Once there,the crashing waves and abundance of vitality makes this a sacred place to visit.Try this for a way of rejuvenating your drooping spirit.

If you so choose... a landscaping company on River Road sells smooth Mexican Pebbles to use for rock painting upon returning home after a cold and wet winter day at the beach.Pictured above is the inlet from the Ocean to the creek that has been mentioned in this post.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Love comes alive in February

It's only the second of February as I write this, and already I am sensing a powerful shift emerging. This Spring is going to be unlike any other! The wet weather has been a long time coming and the rivers,lakes and streams are fresh and alive with unlimited potential.Go out and welcome the water splashing down over the many rocks that are collecting their energetic force.If you are reading this and haven't taken the time to go outside, then this is the time to do it.The lush green that can be found in the forests close by will beckon you to come explore.

Walking through Bothe State Park is one of my favorite activities, most any time of the year, but during this time hiking may seem a bit foreboding.Grey days and seemingly barren trees only fool us into thinking that winter is going to last forever.Hold on though, because Spring will burst forth gloriously! Do the right thing and get your butt outside in NATURE, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I like February also because of Valentine's Day.That day is such a wonderful gift for all of us to be reminded that Love is the Divine force of the universe.Love is the operative word here,because on some level it is available to all, if we have the desire to share it.So, get with it!

It is my hope that whoever is reading this will be motivated to Love, and not just hope that it will happen sometime soon. The time is now, and like hope, Love also springs eternal.Now go for what you know!

Below is the rock of the week (or in this instance, the rock of the month)

Monday, January 23, 2017

A few dazzlers... and keepers

These rocks were painted and decorated awhile back. I keep them next to my bed at night because they bring me comfort and serenity.When the lights are out they maintain their glow far into the night.They may even provide me with some of the most pleasant dreams imaginable. Basically, they start out as painted black rocks that are perfectly symmetrical. Then the gold dots and glow paint are added around a center that includes a hologram or piece of mylar that makes the rock stand out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Got a rock? Sign the guestbook !

This week's rock is one that looks like an ideal rock to use for a canvas, that is a surface for your expression.Rocks that are smooth, symmetrical and flat are ideal for this purpose.A rock has to feel good in the palm of your hand.It has to call to your imagination and curiosity.It is sharing a specific point in space and time.This is an object that has (in all likelihood ) been on this planet long before you arrived.Perhaps it was the rock that made Australian Aborigines adhere to the notion that their ancestors are spirits alive in all natural forms such as trees, mountains and rocks throughout what is called the Dreamtime.

The Spirit of a rock is revealed in it's form and setting.Scientists tell us that all matter is in flux.Nothing is solid.This is apparently the antithesis of what we might imagine when we observe a rock, sitting in the palm of our hand.A rock is the focal point and a concentration of the elements that formed it.A rock's form is molded by that which it is impacted.Held together by complementary components, having been rendered by the elements of air, earth,fire and water.Rocks are very mysterious,indeed.It is my hope that you will explore all the mystery that a rock can convey.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Urchin Message

This week's rock was inspired by the sea urchins that can be found occasionally on the local beaches here in Northern California. The concentric design is appealing, and can be used as a charming meditation object.The variety of glow colors are added to make this a visually comforting device to have by your bedside at night. The glow can soothe the anxiety a scared child may feel after the lights are turned out. This rock will hopefully encourage parents to listen to the concerns and fears of their children at bedtime. When children see light (any light) in the dark, it gives them a spatial reference point.